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9 ideas for small, cheap and low maintenance gardens

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So you have an outdoor area, but you have no idea what to do with it.

You're also working, with a family or a busy social life, and don't have time to suddenly grow green fingers. You're also watching your budget very carefully, which means that you don't have a whole lot of extra cash to spend on plants and flowers.

Not to fear, homify is here!

Today, we are going to teach you all sorts of tips and tricks for small, cheap and low maintenance gardens. You won't believe just how beautiful your outdoor space can look!

Shall we take a look?

1. Around the perimetre

You don't have create a full-on garden in your outdoor space. Why not install a garden that runs along the perimetre of the property, which looks beautiful but is also easy to maintain?

In this design, we can see how a wooden deck rests in the centre of the outdoor area, while a garden lines the outdoor space. This creates a wonderfully fresh exterior haven, with little effort!

2. Or around the house

If you don't want to install a garden around the perimetre of your property, why not install one around the facade of your house? Flowers and plants can enhance the look and feel of the architecture, adding a beautiful and refreshing touch of natural design.

Here we can see how white flowers and pruned lollipop trees enhance the grey walls, resulting in a very appealing home.

3. Add a garden path

Here we can see how a stone garden path has been created down the centre of the little garden, adding a mysterious and dynamic touch to the little space. 

Have a look at these tips: 7 beautiful DIY garden paths that you can create in one day

4. A bird feeder

A bird feeder is functional, attracting exotic bird species into your garden, but it can also look stylish and romantic too, adding a whimsical touch to the property.

What's more is that it needs little maintenance. Simply add some bird food every few days!

5. Little pot plants

White River Manor Principia Design Country style garden
Principia Design

White River Manor

Principia Design

Sometimes all your outdoor area needs is some stylish pots with some beautiful plants. This is a very low maintenance way to add some natural charm to the exterior or even the interior space. 

Just make sure to water them every few days!

6. A fire pit

Installing a fire pit in the middle of your garden is a very simple way to add a dynamic focal point to the environment. This is especially charming in winter, when you can sit and watch the fire crackle in front of you. 

As we can see in this design by landscapers Greenacres Cape, all you need to do is build a brick pit and paint over it for a more elegant touch. Add wood to the middle and you're ready to go!

7. Add some charming furniture

Garden furniture doesn't have to be expensive. You can ever scour second-hand stores or online platforms for second-hand pieces.

Garden furniture also needs little maintenance but can provide you with the perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. 

8. Opt for sand

If you really don't have time to water grass or plant flowers, opt for a more minimalist and zen-like garden, like we see here.

This garden simply features a few trees, sand and some dark rocks. Use a rake to create patterns for a therapeutic afternoon.

The best part? No watering required!

9. Simple does it

In this image, we can see how a few trees and some simple grass make for a very beautiful outdoor area. What more could you need?

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