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11 of the most beautiful South African bathrooms

Leigh Leigh
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A bathroom is a place where you can relax, have some quiet time, escape from the kids and enjoy reading a book in the bath or taking a nice cool shower. It forms part of our daily ritual, getting us ready for the day ahead or helping us wind down from the day that's been. Whether we are brushing our teeth, washing our faces or singing in the shower, we are taking part in a soothing daily activity that makes us feel cleansed and refreshed.

Which is why these rituals should take place in beautiful bathrooms that are as appealing as they are functional.

To inspire you today, we've put together a little local design! The following images reveal 11 of the most beautiful South African bathrooms. 

You won't believe just how stunning South African's bathrooms truly are!

1. Simple does it

In this image, we come across a simple and minimalist bathroom. The designers have used the bathroom floors to introduce texture and tone to the environment, while the modern features and clean lines make for a refreshing space.

To learn from this bathroom: Earthy materials and neutral tones can create a space that envelopes you in serenity and peace.

2. Wooden floors

Bathroom renovation:   by Mybuilders

Bathroom renovation


Wooden floors aren't always a first choice when it comes to the bathroom because of how wet, moist and damp this room can get. However, in this design, we can see how it warms up the environment and makes for a very cosy and comfortable bathroom space.

To learn from this bathroom: Wooden floors are not a problem, but make sure they are sealed adequately and are kept dry so that they don't become damaged over time.

3. A little creative

Use the elements in your bathroom, such as the lighting fixtures and the walls, to introduce some personality and charm to the space. This bathroom features a gorgeous glass chandelier as well as the words Play on the wall behind the tub. This makes for a very charming and luxurious space!

To learn from this bathroom: Functional features and style can work hand in hand.

4. Wallpaper

Wallpaper can bring a beautiful look and feel to your bathroom. It also comes in so many different colours, patterns and styles!

To learn from this bathroom: Let your walls become the focal point of your bathroom, especially if it is small. Also have a look at these 14 small changes to spruce up your bathroom.

5. Plenty of storage

New Toilet and storage area to main bathroom: minimalistic Bathroom by deborah garth interior design
deborah garth interior design

New Toilet and storage area to main bathroom

deborah garth interior design

For a functional and savvy bathroom, you want to make sure there is plenty of storage space. Opt for as many shelves, drawers and cabinets as you can, creating a very organised environment.

To learn from this bathroom: Put a laundry basket in your bathroom, keeping the dirty clothes stored neatly out of sight!

6. Natural light

You want your bathroom to receive plenty of fresh air and sunlight so make sure you invest in plenty of windows. Skylights are also a great option!

To learn from this bathroom: Let the fresh air dry up any damp or moisture when you're finished in this room. Open up the windows wide!

7. A classic touch

Add some classic touches to your bathroom in the form of a vase of flowers or some delicately designed furniture for a romantic environment. 

Here we can see how there is a stunning connection to nature thanks to the beautiful little pot plant.

To learn from this bathroom: All-white can create a very sophisticated space.

8. Wall art

Using the walls to introduce a little bit of charm and personality to the space can be very beneficial. Here we can see how vinyl art brings a beautiful pattern to the walls in a very simple and effective way.

To learn from this bathroom: Use lighting to enhance the details and design of the bathroom space.

9. Pair colours

Don't be afraid to introduce some colours to your bathroom like interior designers Redesign have done here. Blue and yellow work in harmony together, broken up by the white walls. 

To learn from this bathroom: Shelves and storage units can be funky shapes!

10. Mirrors

Mirrors are a must for any stylish bathroom. Not only are they functional, allowing us to see what we are doing when we are performing our daily cleansing rituals, but they make the bathroom seem that much bigger and more spacious.

To learn from this bathroom: If you have the space, opt for two basins so that two people can brush their teeth at the same time!

11. Warm tones

This bathroom features beautiful warm tones, patterns and shapes, creating a very cosy little space that works in harmony with the wooden door. This makes for a very attractive little spot!

To learn from this bathroom: Wallpaper can allow you to introduce your personality into even the smallest of rooms.

Also have a look at these 11 clever kitchen ideas from South African homes.

Which bathrooms did you learn a thing or two from?
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