A healthy home means a healthier family

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These days the modern family is a bit more aware of the effects of harmful chemicals and toxins present in the home, especially when young children are in the picture as they are more susceptible to germs and bacteria. Ensuring that every aspect of your home is healthy is the first step in making sure your family is healthier too!

And with these easy tips and tricks compiled by the homify team, getting your home in perfect shape has never been so simple. It's usually those everyday things that are the major contributors to unhealthy living and the spread and growth of nasty germs.

Get your home tested for hazardous material

One of the ways to ensure that everyone in your home breathes a little easier within your living space is to ensure that your home is free of lead. This is especially important if you live in a older home that may have been painted with lead paint in the past. 

A team of experts can be called in to check the presence of lead paint through a simple test and the choice is yours on where you would like to take it from there. If the presence of lead paint is found in your home, it may be the perfect opportunity to consider a complete revamp of your home!

On a side note, what do you think of the stunning striped rug by Analog? Doesn't it just complete this living space?!

Avoid chemicals and pesticides

The use of chemicals and pesticides to create your perfect garden is now a thing of the past. With so many modern advancements across all sectors, people are now using home cleaners and organic options both inside the home and outside the home that are gentle on the environment and ecosystem. 

And especially when your garden meets the inside of the home, it is important to ensure that the substances used to keep bugs away are not harmful on the interior of the home and to the residents inside the home. With so many alternatives to harmful pesticides on the market, it may be worth it to fork out a little more to ensure the safety of your family.

Dust control—check the carpet and vacuum cleaner

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Are allergies plaguing you on a daily basis? Are they driving you totally up the wall? Well, you should possibly consider having a look at your carpets. Carpets are the perfect haven for dust. The dust gets trapped inside the threads and over time can have a terrible effect on people that are prone to the environment such as pollen and other small particles. 

Your vacuum cleaner might therefore not be doing a good enough job of sucking out all those dust particles and germs that are contributing to your incessant sneezing and wheezing. It might be worthwhile to invest in a vacuum that is made for battling the effect of dust and allergies! 

This vacuum cleaner option might be expensive at the moment, but will pay itself off when you feel the clean and fresh air that you and your family can now breathe in with ease!

Filter the tap water

A built in tap water filter is all the rage in ensuring that drinking water is perfectly clean and good enough for the entire family to gain hydration from. So even though tap water in South Africa is mostly safe in city area, adding a filter option to your home just makes it that much more safe to drink. 

Just think that adding a filter to your tap water will allow your home appliances to last that much longer, the main cause of kettles breaking so often is the build of limescale, something that we in effect consume. How gross!

Non-toxic cleaning products

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Open-Plan Kitchen, Dining Room and Media Room

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Years ago, when people didn't realise the toxicity involved with cleaning products, the home space was cleaning with all kinds of harsh chemicals. These products were harsh on the body, the skin and breathing not to mention that they were also harsh on the environment. 

Now, due to so many studies and the inclusion of toxic chemicals in those studies, the home space is now a place with endless cleaning possibilities that do not include toxins. Just think that you wouldn't allow your child to consume a toxic chemical, so why allow them to play on a floor that has been cleaned by the same toxic chemical. 

A healthier home now also means a non-toxic home!

Plant an organic vegetable garden

If you are lucky enough to have space to grow your own vegetable garden, then why not start by growing some simple and easy to maintain leafy greens organically. An organic garden that is easily accessible to you means fresh fruit and vegetables will be readily available to you as you need them. 

And seeing that the garden is organic, the vegetables will be tasty and devoid of harmful pesticides that are used in mass produced farms. So if the sky is the limit for you and you seem to have a hobby of sorts, then consider making this organic garden dream come true!

If you need some ideas, you can start by checking out: Have Your Own Herb Garden At Home.

Do you have any more healthy home tips? Please share with us in the comments!

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