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​A Marvellous Home for the Modern Family

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Something that is clearly noticeable in residential areas, regardless of the location, is the combination of giant walls, sturdy security gates, and high fences. This is not surprising, considering the measures that people need to go to in order to protect themselves and their families. Gone are the days of open front lawns, with the only ‘fence’ being a small white picket design meant to keep the family pet in.  

However, in today’s age, it is still possible to live in a house with a spacious and inviting front lawn, where kids merrily run around and parents don’t have to watch their every move. homify 360° transports you today to one such an example; a family residence located in Brazil, designed by architectural team Daniel Cruz

Situated in a private and secured area, this modern structure houses two stories, lots of colour, and an abundance of character necessary for a vivacious family home.

A warm welcome

Behold an open front yard, a presentation of bright colours, and a spacious balcony. The modern facade proudly boasts its open exterior, showing off its lack of fences, gates and railing. 

Modern materials blend in superbly with the open, soft areas, and don’t exude that “hard, unfriendly” touch of so many modern houses – after all, this is a family home! 

That fiery red could have been very dramatic; however, here it fits in perfectly, comes off quite playful, and offsets agreeably against the green vegetation. 

How does this modern facade compare to other houses in different styles? See for yourself…

Some light family fun

From the front facade we jump to the backyard – and what a delight! Green lawn, neutral stones, trees and plants for sufficient shading… a perfect garden that has been thoughtfully designed.

Those pure white stepping stone structures are the ideal hopscotch platforms for little ones, while also offering a sturdy path for when Mom and Dad want to take a moonlit stroll through the garden. 

Where the front facade sported a hot red greeting, the backyard has opted for a softer and cooler powder white coating, while still retaining a very modern design to impress the friends and neighbours – the ideal backdrop for those family garden gatherings.

A connection

The short, narrow corridor that connects the external areas with the front facade. From bright red and soft white walls, we proceeded to a sage green to blend in with the natural environment – just take a look at those lush vertical gardens adding a striking, friendly effect.  

One almost feels like Hansel and Gretel, following the stepping stones (framed by those eventful pebbles) – and just like the fairytale, this path also leads to a big surprise…

For an unforgettable summer

No, it’s not a giant gingerbread house we discover, but also something pleasant and delightful: the family swimming pool. Only now do we find out the space of this backyard, as it allows the family the luxury of a giant, stylish splash in the hot summer months. 

A beach-toned tiled flooring neatly frames the swimming pool, while the lush palm trees will make any dip here feel like a tropical getaway. What shall we do first? Do some laps? Soak up the sun in those stylish loungers? Or delight in some r&r in that ultra stunning jacuzzi, with its safe-from-the-sun pergola to keep our drinks from melting? 

This is outside entertaining done perfectly!

The splendid kitchen

Enough fun in the sun for now, let’s retreat indoors. But no reason to start feeling cramped, as the same wide, spaciousness of the outside can be felt in the interior layout as well. The entire house benefits from a semi-open layout, with minimum barriers dividing the different rooms. 

From the garden we immediately enter the kitchen, as it is the room that integrates the exterior spaces with the interior. It is also L-shaped, mirroring the pool outside. 

The furnishings and decor are a unique mixture of modern and simple, culminating in a stylish yet functional interior. We have a neutral colour palette that works the spaciousness superbly; we have a playful combination of different materials (wood, marble, tile, etc.); and we have some stylish light fittings to illuminate the fun and laughter shared by friends and family.

Note the mosaic-coated section of the island – stunning, stylish, yet playful. Just like the house!

‘W’ is for wood

Wood is always a superb choice for interiors. Apart from its multitude of varieties, it is also very eye-catching and presents a comfortable, natural element. 

Wood has been used generously in the ground floor interior, especially the dining area. Together with the whites, greys and blacks, it creates a striking neutral palette that goes perfectly hand in hand with this modern design. 

Don’t overlook that exceptional ceiling fan with its striking wooden blades! 

Let’s review some tips on: How To Integrate Wooden Elements Into Your Home.

Modern yet fun

We close off our visit with a quick peek at the living room area. How wonderfully is it connected with the garden, with only a slim plate of glass separating the interior with the exterior layout? And as we know, natural light is always a welcome addition to any room. 

The neutral colour scheme continues proudly, yet a linear design of bright colours breaks through playfully (note the scatter cushions and ottoman) and produces a stunning effect that adds to the light-heartedness of the house. 

Space, colour, layout, decor and material all come together to create an ideal and modern living space for the residents – not only where they can function on a day to day basis, but also to thoroughly enjoy themselves while doing so.

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Light, airy, and natural – and, of course, ultra stylish and luxurious! What did you think of the house? 
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