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20 practical ideas for small houses

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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When renting a home, the most common problems that tenants face is too little storage for all their items and objects. But, just because your new place is smaller, doesn't mean all is lost for decor solutions. The 20 practical tips and tricks included in this homify feature will help you solve the problem or keeping your home organised. Now, let's see which ideas are perfect for your living space!

1. Under the bed

classic Bedroom by Idea Interior
Idea Interior

Decoración para recámara

Idea Interior

Moveable drawers and boxes are the best place to store those winter linens and extra pillows, without impacting on any other corner of your bedroom bedroom.

2. Large drawers

classic Bedroom by Massive Naturmöbel
Massive Naturmöbel

Schubkastenbett Caro

Massive Naturmöbel

Large drawers that fit beneath the bed are another easy way to store those jackets, boots and scarves that only come out once a year.

3. Just a couple

A young couple with no kids could also make use of this storage solution in their one bedroom or studio apartment.

4. Surprise storage

modern Living room by homify

Zona de estar | Standal


Your living room can include a multitude of hidden storage.


modern Living room by homify

Almacenamiento en sofá | Standal


Drawers have been included under the sofa, simply remove the cushions!

Storage space

modern Living room by homify

Almacenamiento en sofá | Standal


It's an excellent solution for houses or apartments, creating a clutter-free appearance. 

5. Multifunctional

modern Kitchen by homify

Cocina contraste negro y fúcsia| Standal


A modern kitchen in a striking and colourful design, includes functional and practical an organised space.


modern Kitchen by homify

Cocina color fúcsia brillante | Standal


It may not have much space, but there is room for everything.

Home office

modern Kitchen by homify

Cocina con despacho integrado | Standal


The rear area of the kitchen serves as a stylish home office. Truly sensational design.

6. Take advantage

White creates a wider looking space and when paired with natural lighting, the effect is excellent.


Small corners of furniture can be ideal storage too. How's this mini bar?

7. Pleasant

The area below a working space is ideal for pull out storage too. 

8. Think specifics

Store your everyday utensils at hand for tidier kitchen drawers.

9. Contrasts

modern Dining room by homify

Cuisine / Salle à manger


Define the areas in your home with different colours.

10. Ladder it

Create shelves under your stairs and keep all your books neat and tidy.

11. Artistic

 Corridor, hallway & stairs  by

Raumspartreppe Freiburg

A bespoke stairs leads the way to the attic, while adding an artistic element too.

12. Original

 Corridor, hallway & stairs  by Rintal

Escalera ideal para espacios muy pequeños


Here's another set of stairs that merges practicality with artistic flair.

13. Closet case

 Corridor & hallway by Chase Furniture
Chase Furniture

Innovative storage solutions.

Chase Furniture

Maximise storage under your stairs with this fantastic closet.

14. Dining delight

Create a spacious social area by integrating the dining table into the kitchen.

15. Some colour

modern Kitchen by Ysk Dekorasyon
Ysk Dekorasyon


Ysk Dekorasyon

Vibrant colour accents combined with all-white kitchen decor is perfect for enhancing the illusion of space.

16. Shelving

Use the walls and include some shelving for a tidier floor.

​ 17. Custom furniture

Choose custom modern furniture that will fit perfectly into your space.

​18. Bathroom/laundry

Integrate your laundry appliances into your bathroom and include shelves for detergents and linen.

19. TV area

Place your TV in the area beneath your stairs and you'll never have wasted space again.

20. A special corner

High ceilings could mean many levels of shelves. Have a look at these 24 home decor ideas you can copy for free

Which simple storage ideas have your incorporated?
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