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9 stunning bedroom lighting ideas

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Lighting in the bedroom plays a vital role in ambiance, mood and possibly even romance, which is why it is important to consider illumination that not only makes your bedroom comfortable, but also aids in restful sleep. The team of interior designers at homify included some brilliant and elegant lighting tips and tricks to upgrade your bedroom in cosy comfort throughout the evening. You'll never be awake at all hours of the night again, let's see how!

1. Creating cosiness

Warmth, cosiness and an inviting atmosphere is what this bedroom lighting represents. It's important to include lights at either side of your bed, as well as a brighter light for those evenings when you need to ensure that your outfit is perfectly coordinated.

2. Chandelier

Include a romantic flair with an old-fashioned chandelier.

3. Mirror magic

The magnificence of mirrors can definitely enhance illumination in your bedroom, especially when paired with some brilliant, bright lights.

4. Shades

A lampshade on your bedside table doesn't need to be vibrant, its illumination should instead be just enough to catch up on your novel.

5. Luxury

If a luxurious atmosphere is what you prefer, then opt for some neutral coloured lampshades, allowing the illumination to be the key factor to your decor.

6. Recessed

Recessed lights such as these are fitted inside the wooden panel, making them a great choice for a minimalist decor that values clean lines and less bulky items.

7. Natural

Incorporate natural lighting into your bedroom for that space that is always comfortable throughout the day, whatever the weather… it helps to have a lovely view to admire too.

8. Simplicity

The recessed lights in the ceiling are proof that simple decor doesn't need to impact on the layout and design of a home too, this bedroom is just amazing yet practical.

9. Now how about a hint of drama

Downlights, bedside lamps and a dramatic poster bed are the best features for a bedroom that admires all things vintage. Have a look at these 13 lighting ideas for a great ceiling

How have you decorated your bedroom with lighting?

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