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A home without a TV is seemingly not normal, but that doesn't mean that a home with a TV needs to be ordinary and boring! A TV provides entertainment, information and can also be used as a way to learn new things. 

However, a home with a TV doesn't need to be unimaginative, after all with the sleek and modern designs of the home seen today, a TV can add a fun and vibrant touch to the living room space. Allowing for a special yet functional addition to the interior space of your home. 

And with so many sizes to choose from, the choice of a TV is more than just a usual occurrence to the home appliances, a TV is actually a decorative and designer piece to add to the home!

Mounted on a feature wall

A feature wall is a classic yet amazing attraction to any indoor living space, but this doesn't mean that the feature wall within your fantastic home has to be normal… in should in fact be a reflection of who you are as an individual. 

This magnificent yet cosy living room space makes a home almost come alive with the vibrant tones of the interior living space, along with the delightful and pleasantly appealing luxury of this living room space. 

The TV makes the perfect addition to this interior design of the home, with clean lines and simple colours making this space complete. A elegant design such as this on the all-white ceiling provides an even more stunning and special decorative aspect to this designer home.

As a feature against a white wall

All white walls can look modern and minimalist to the tee, but they can also signify a more classic and refined look, but that doesn't mean that the white walls need to look bland and unattractive. Instead the all-white walls with a large TV against it can add a flavour to a living room that might have been missing before. 

Allowing for this functional and classic addition to the living room creates an even more dynamic living room, making those movie nights with friends and even bigger social occasion with more fun and entertainment added to the group through the easy to see experience of the TV wall unit!

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Built into a wall

A TV that is built into the wall takes minimalist living to the next level, with a living room space perfectly planned… having a built in TV adds an extra touch of modernism and style to a room making it both comfortable and relaxing, while adding some extra contemporary elements, such as this floating wall aspect which is almost gravity defying!

Try this TV unit for functional style and effect that will create the perfect living room to suit your lifestyle and character! And with the relaxed style and neutral tone of this TV unit and entire living room, this space is sure to be a favourite!

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On a corner wall

Decorating a corner wall is not that easy, with many modern and designer ideas available, but that doesn't mean that including a TV on your corner wall shouldn't be fantastic in its own right! In fact, having less space to decorate means the TV itself can be the feature attraction!

This compact yet designer space has a total decorative edge, an advantage being that the TV itself is the main part of this modern living space, and with enough extra space for storage hidden perfectly beneath the eye-pleasing TV… this room is anything but ordinary and makes the perfect complementing combination for a family home!

In a bookshelf

Including a TV within a bookshelf allows the best of both worlds to come together for a feature space, something perfect and relaxed where each part of the personality of the inhabitants of this home can come through. Just because you love high-definition action movies and staying up to date on the latest news, doesn't mean that you need to give up on the important things to you… such as your collection of paperbacks. 

Your personal library being on show within your living room might just be your favourite part of the space, so combining the best of both aspects allows the personal characteristics of the owner to shine through!

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Hidden in a cabinet

So while minimalist living has become even more regular and in some cases even not as planned, that doesn't mean that the contemporary furniture features within a home need to look old and bulky. Picture that ancient TV cabinet at your grandparents place as a kid, the TV was hidden away behind large wooden doors that looked like a bad idea. 

But if you like the idea of hiding your beloved TV within cabinets, why not go for something that has a sliding door feature, this will allow people to walk closer to the TV without any harm and is the perfect way to safeguard expensive home appliances if you have little kids. It's a clean and simple design that allows you to pretend like TV isn't an essential part of your day… especially a good idea when you have guests with more refined tastes!

Is your TV in a different innovative location at home? Let us know where it is!

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