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Home improvement: DIY step-by-step to grow your own herb garden

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Woodworking, gardening, landscaping, home improvement—they're all concepts that scare the average home maker. That's why the good news is that you don't need any of them to make your own herb garden!

Whether you want to work it into your garden or create a DIY system for inside the house, there is always a way to find a great spot for a herb garden, which is something that will drastically improve your home. 

A herb garden at home is the perfect idea for anyone with a green thumb or someone trying their luck at the idea of growing their own goods. But that doesn't mean that a garden should be a difficult thing to add on to your fabulous home, in fact a gorgeous green garden might just be the perfect way to ease your mind and be stress free, enjoying the outdoors on a smaller or larger scale depending on the size you have available to you.

A home garden with sweet smelling herbs will allow for easy access to your favourite and pleasantly scented goods, making your home a beautiful living space from the inside to the outdoors. Herb gardens have so many medicinal qualities, not to forget mentioning the sheer pleasure of being able to access fresh herbs whenever you need them.

Choose the herbs you love most

Deciding on which herbs you love most is the first step to having your own lovely homely herb garden filled with bliss and pleasantries. An outdoor space with greenery and beauty that serves a function too, may be the your new favourite home area after all! 

When choosing your favourite herbs to add to this lovely area added to your home, try choosing functional herbs, something that you will enjoy the smell of… and make use of often. So visit your local garden and potting store to see which herbs are available and which ones you can use to add value to your home.

Useful herbs such as those for cooking, like coriander, rosemary and thyme makes cooking a special and flavour enhancing experience. While other herbs such as lavender have other medicinal values and is a must-have for those struggling with insomnia.

Assess your space constraints

Once you have an idea of the herbs you would like to cultivate at your own home garden, have a look at the home space available to plan your perfect and elegant garden within the comfort of your home. 

If you are in the planning stages of making your home beautiful and smart, then perhaps look at incorporating a garden such as this within your home, bringing the outdoors inside and incorporating this fabulous decorative aspect within your home too! 

To see more of this marvellous house, check out: A Monoschrome Masterstroke Home.

Vertical pallet planters

The uses of wooden pallets such as this is almost endless with fantastic ideas and inspirational designs that will add a sense of style to your home, pallet furniture is the next best thing since sliced bread… it's inexpensive to manufacture and can take quite the knock since the original purpose was to carry heavy loads. 

Reduce, reuse and recycle has really taken the step to the next level, with this modern and edgy garden that allows for a designer use of wooden pallets. Pallets have so many other uses and functions, but to see more of this stunning and stylish feature furniture have a look at the Palets&Deco professional profile!

A herb garden such as this, is easy to maintain and adds a dash of colour to that drab old wall that seemed to serve no purpose!

Build a herb spiral

If you are fortunate enough to have an abundance of space in your home, then why not consider adding colour with a herb spiral? This is surely one way to bring your own personal characteristics into your outdoor living space by creating this vibrant and fun herb garden. 

It's the perfect way to separate the different types of herbs suiting your own individual home ideas. While at the same time adding a fun and entertaining manner of growing your own fresh herbal goods. 

A herb spiral is surely more than just a way to bring life to your outdoor zone, it will also be attractive and colourful enough to cause a stir at any social event celebrated at your home!

Use mason jars and bottles

The uses of mason jars to add a fun and colourful element within your home is really becoming the order of the day, and with these creative ideas they could even make a fabulous housewarming gift! Aside from being inexpensive to put together, a mason jar garden collection can add some vibrancy in a colourless and bland interior. 

They also make an excellent interior garden as they can be quickly and easily maintained by anyone. So the next time you see a mason jar or are about to throw out that old jam jar… consider recycling and do your individual bit for the environment and being a bit more green conscious.

Gutter planters

This garden is something fun and exciting within its own right, the use of the bamboo against the wall has an almost Asian appeal to it, while the inclusion of gutter planters adds a stylish and full use of the entire garden space to its full potential. 

This garden is fascinating and functional, with enough vibrancy and greenery to create the perfect home atmosphere of enchantment and magic, and once those plants get growing… the effects will be almost jungle like!

Repurposed planters

The repurposed look is no longer something which we just do as a matter of the planters being available… this vintage idea now has designer appeal! And is something everyone wants a piece of, so make your garden work for you in an inexpensive and classically cool way!

Add in some antique planters to have an edgy and stylish garden area, that will create a comfortable and usable garden space, while at the same time being awesome and fitting your personality too!

There are so many ways to repurpose, recycle and even upcycle used products into planters which will make your home space, both indoors and outdoors so much more stylish and funky.

Are you considering growing some herbs at home? Let us know your plans!

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