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The 12 most beautiful bedrooms you will ever see

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Laura Yerpes Estudio de Interiorismo Mediterranean style bedroom
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There are few things better than returning home after a long day and slipping into clean and cool sheets in a beautiful and peaceful bedroom.

In order to achieve this wonderful feel-good feeling, our bedrooms need to be neat, organised and of course, very aesthetically appealing. They should evoke a sense of warmth, comfort and serenity.

So how do we achieve the right balance between all of these factors?

Today at homify, we are going to show you! We've put together 12 of the most beautiful bedrooms you will ever see. While very different from one another, each is a wonderful example of how a bedroom should cocoon you in beauty and style.

Shall we take a look?

1. The rustic dream

This bedroom features a rustic wooden canopy with soft white curtains, which create a sense of tranquility throughout. The neutral colours are very appealing, working in harmony with the wooden furniture.

2. The silk canopy

This bedroom is another great example of how beautiful a canopy can look, bringing that extra touch of luxury to a home. Silk is a wonderful material for this as it is smooth and lavish.

3. A mix of materials

For a trendy bedroom, don't be afraid to mix materials such as wood and raw concrete for an industrial chic look and feel. This is also quite a cost-effective design!

4. Add a stone wall

Another way to introduce texture and tone into a bedroom is to install stone cladding. This makes for a very elegant and peaceful environment.

Have a look at these 15 stone walls perfect for your home (and easy to copy!) for inspiration.

5. Transparent curtains

To create a dream-like effect in your bedroom, opt for soft and transparent curtains like we find in this design by architects Denise Barretto. With soft lighting, the room will be your personal paradise!

6. Minimalist precision

When in doubt, it's always better to go for a less is more approach. Clean lines, neutral colours and functional design make for a minimalist and appealing bedroom that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed!

7. It's all about the lighting

If you really want to create a bedroom haven, make sure that your lighting is up to scratch. Invest in dimming lights as well as lamps for next to the bed. You'll create a beautiful soft glow throughout, illuminating the different details of the design.

8. Unique shapes

You don't have to go for the traditional rectangle bed. Opt for a round bed for a very glamorous design!

Tip: If you're looking for an edgy look and feel, contrast black and white tones.

9. Artwork

A signature piece of artwork in a bedroom can go very far. Choose one that stands out and reflects your personality and style.

10. Fresh air

One way to instantly create a beautiful bedroom is to make sure that it receives plenty of fresh air and sunshine. Open the windows or doors up wide!

Have a look at these tips for bathing your home in natural light.

11. Full-on luxury

Master bedroom design ideas of Katrina Antonovich Luxury Antonovich Design Classic style bedroom
Luxury Antonovich Design

Master bedroom design ideas of Katrina Antonovich

Luxury Antonovich Design

If you prefer a more classic look and feel, why not go for a detailed room like this one, which introduces a very feminine touch to the home?

12. Choose your accessories wisely

Your accessories can be what transforms your bedroom from a functional space into a beautiful space.

If you've enjoyed this article, you'll also love these 10 ways to make your bedroom look like a hotel.

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