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What if staying at home was like being on holiday? We’re not talking about not putting up with the daily responsibilities that life throws at us, but instead refer to the look and vibe of your house – what if that was so stylish, so relaxing and so perfectly suited to your daily life that simply staying home (and admiring your beautiful façade and stunning interiors) could raise your relaxation levels?

Sounds like something from a science-fiction film, and yet it is exactly what today’s homify 360° discovery is: a family home that has all the winning touches to look and feel like a super luxurious holiday home.

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The paradise-like back yard

What do we most often associate a holiday with? Relaxing in a picturesque location, right? Well, how does this back yard grab you?

It features a stylish and spacious pool, a comfortably sized wooden deck, a vast lawn for the children (they also need their play space, you know!), as well as an abundance of lush factors (like potted plants, flowers and shrubs) to add to the overall tranquillity of the scene.

A hidden secret

Be honest: would you really associate the beautiful back yard we just saw with this façade? Although the house is light years away from looking dull or uninspiring (that modern style comes through quite strongly via the cube-like structures which seem to protrude from the ground and out of one another), its front façade provides no clue about the lush, paradise-like space waiting at the back.

A delectable dining space

Don’t lie: eating is one of the main perks of enjoying a holiday. And for that, we present this dining room, with a table that offers ample space for a range of delectable dishes, enough chairs to invite the friends over for a mouth-watering feast, and large floor-to-ceiling windows that provide a picture-perfect view of the beautiful landscape outside.

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Although this is a two-storey house, a lot of the ground-floor spaces enjoy double-height ceilings, adding to the spaciousness of the interiors – a crucial touch if you want your home to feel like a permanent holiday spot.

After all, feeling cramped and boxed in in your own home will do nothing to lower those stress levels and boost your relaxation, right?

Stylish relaxation

Of course not everybody’s idea of a good time is to hang around outside or socialise it up with as many people as possible. But don’t worry; this house caters for those people, too.

Here in the living room, which enjoys the same modern-meets-minimalist look as the rest of the interiors, we get a clean and subtle look to go perfectly hand in hand with those lazy afternoons where one just wants to do not much more than doze, lounge in front of the fire, read a good book, doze some more, etc.

The home office

We know what you’re thinking: why would you want a home office in a house that’s supposed to feel like a permanent holiday? Well, you don’t have to use this space (which is laid out so neatly and so stylishly, by the way) for working! 

How about sitting down at that timber desk and starting on that best-selling novel you’ve been mulling over? On the other hand, this is also a prime spot to set up your laptop and continue your online gaming rituals, if that is what it takes to boost your relaxation levels.

The bathroom

Holiday or not, we all need to answer nature’s calls sooner or later. So, let’s close off this tour with a look at one of the must-have spaces in any house: the bathroom.

This space presents the same clean and neat look as the rest of the house, with the floor flaunting a very jolly look via its apple red colour. Regardless, a bit of colour never hurt anyone. Plus it decreases the need to bring in other tones in the form of décor or textiles, right? 

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Feel relaxed yet? What do you think of this house?

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