12 creative and affordable ideas for your patio or garden

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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A garden or patio area is the perfect way to bring an element of nature into your home decor. It doesn't matter if your space is small and simple or rustic, there are ways to enhance and upgrade style to suit your design. Our team of professionals at homify, considered some affordable and easy to implement tips and tricks that are sure to upgrade your outdoor zone, creating a dynamic and elegant area that is great for entertaining. So, let's be inspired!

1. Dining deck

If you've always wanted to enjoy an outdoor eating area, but aren't one for the public parks, then this simple dining deck can be perfectly placed in your garden, without taking up too much space.

2. A pop of greenery

Make your plants and tree choice the outstanding element in your garden design by opting for varying shades of vibrant green.

3. Spacious

A spacious garden doesn't mean you need to fill it with stuff, include just the essentials such as seating and a dining table for a versatile and attractive outdoor area.

4. Cover it

Include a simple shelter or shade above your seating area to protect your guests from the midday sun.

5. Go rustic

Refurbish those old garden chairs from your grandma's house and you'll have an enchanting decor to suit your shabby chic home.

6. Asian inspiration

A bamboo fence and simple Zen garden will be the calming experience you need after a long day at work.

7. Stone walling

A stone wall is an eye-catching and durable choice for a home, now just add some pretty plants to complete the look.

8. Lovely illumination

Opt for some romantic lighting and your patio may just be the best seat in the house as dusk settles in.

9. Fire pit

Incorporate a fire pit into your patio area to warm you and your guests up on a chilly winter night.

10. Vertical garden

Fashion some planters out of old wooden vegetable crates and fix them against a wall, it's an easy vertical garden for your outdoor wall.

11. Griller

Go for a sleek and sophisticated grill that will instantly create a more modern garden design.

12. Deck area

A comfortable wooden deck is easy to maintain, orderly and the perfect fit for a home of elegant modernity or minimalist design. How about these Simple and beautiful balconies?

Which garden feature is your favourite?

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