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Today’s homify 360° discovery zooms in on the 3D designs for a modern (make that ‘super modern’) home located in one of the most beautiful, dream-worthy spots in South Africa: Stellenbosch. And seeing as the location is nothing to scoff at, that means the structure also had to pull its weight in terms of style and beauty.

Fortunately, this dream home, conjured up by Cape Town-based professionals Gallagher Lourens Architects, is a vision that is sure to move the top of many people’s “My dream homes” lists.

Shall we have a look?

A majestic vision

So, this is the new private home for a very fortunate couple in the winelands of Stellenbosch (talk about having it all!). 

The architects in charge placed a strong emphasis on creating an uninterrupted flow of nature through the house, as well as a strong interior-exterior connection. 

Interestingly, water is used throughout the house to separate, define, and create spaces. The garage is separated from the living spaces by water and a light glass connection, and purposefully clad in stone in order to establish a connection with the earth instead of the rest of the house.

The front door

On the left side of the stone-clad garage we locate the slightly hidden entrance, which is beautifully framed by all the main materials used for the façade: wood, stone, tile, concrete, brick and glass.

One big living space

From the front entrance, the route takes us to a majestic open-plan space which houses a number of different rooms, such as the living room, dining area and kitchen on the ground floor, and the library and hallways on the top floor. 

One big and bright living space is ensured via this layout, with all the rooms receiving ample natural light which filters through glass-clad panes on both sides of the house.

Top-floor relaxation

That library looks just too good to pass up… Here we have two built-in bookcases flaunting a number of reading materials, spacious legroom, a super modern fireplace and elegant sofas/loungers to ensure that any time spent in here (whether with company or alone) will be most enjoyable and relaxing.

Elegant dreams

The main bedroom is coated in the same soft, earthy neutrals that adorn the living spaces. And we just love the minimalist-style approach to the interior design, which means that the bare necessities (with just a dash of beautifying décor pieces) are included in here.

Notice how sunlight seems to find its way indoors, no matter which room we are in.

A sleek paradise bathroom

The same clean and serene style continues into the bathroom, which looks to be a most elegant space for cleansing – quite becoming, don’t you agree? 

Although space doesn’t seem to be a problem here, the designers still opted for floating vanities and light hues to ensure the end result is as visually spacious as possible. 

A definite dream house in our books! 

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Could this house be YOUR dream home?

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