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HOLIDAY HOME KNYSNA, Gallagher Lourens Architects Gallagher Lourens Architects Colonial style house
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Today on homify 360°, we take a quick look at a clean and serene holiday home located in one of the most beautiful and tranquil areas in the entire South Africa: Knysna.

Yes, this house definitely has the ‘location’ prerequisite down when it comes to living fabulously, for it is located near the picturesque Garden Route with its lush forests and amazing wildlife. 

But of course trees and birds are not what we choose to focus on here on homify, so let’s take a look at the exterior (and interior) style of this dreamy structure.

At water’s edge

We all know how tranquil it is to live near a water body, whether it’s the ocean or a modest little lake. Well, this dream home treats us owners to a cool and clear lagoon on a daily basis.

Notice how the light neutral hues of the house’s façade stand out amongst the lush greens and blues of the natural landscape surrounding it.

Comfort and style

On the inside, the designers of this picturesque creation have ensured that “beauty” is only one of the many words we can use to describe it – we can also use ones like “practical”, “comfortable” and “charming”. 

Here we see how the living room and kitchen form part of an open-plan layout, ensuring the social vibe of this house reaches (and remains at) high levels.

Lots of light

Of course when one lives in such a dreamy location, one must do what is possible to allow as much of the surrounding landscape indoors. Thus, these floor-to-ceiling windows ensure a strong batch of natural light to flow indoors on a daily basis, as well as a sublime view of the lush outdoors.

Indoor relaxation

Even though the exterior areas are full of potential when it comes to passing the time (i.e. swimming, hiking, horseback riding), we understand that, sometimes, some indoor relaxation is required.

And it would seem the architects of this splendid house agree, for they have included a home office / study with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to ensure the residents (of which at least one must be a bookworm) get their fair share of relaxation and joy whenever they please.

Add in a large window that treats us to a view of the adjoining lagoon, and we can’t imagine a better place to spend a lazy afternoon!

A linear style

Notice the strong commitment to linear designs that this house has, particularly on the outside. Here we get to see how the walls and railings (and windows and pergolas and balconies… ) all inject a strong amount of horizontal- and vertical touches into the house, neatly enhancing the overall modern style of the abode. 

And of course we can’t forget to mention how the light neutral hues make the house feel even more elegant, resulting in an almost “Hamptons-style” look.

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A style hit or miss – what do you think of this forest holiday house?

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