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A beautiful prefabricated home

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HUF HAUS GmbH u. Co. KG Modern style bedroom
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In this edition of homify 360°, we touch base with an ultra modern example of the prefabricated home. Also referred to as prefab homes (although the current euphemism of choice is “modular homes”), these specialist dwellings are manufactured off-site in advance, usually in standard sections. These sections are then shipped to the client’s property, where they are assembled.

Today’s particular modular home comes to us from German firm Huf Haus, who specialises in individually designed homes for their clients. An experienced Huf Haus architect notes down your needs and wishes, adds your desired focal points into his/her design, takes the land conditions, climate and your budget into account, and a little while later, you are presented with an ultra fabulous residence inspired by post-modernism / futurist architecture. 

Refining their craft since before World War 1, the Huf Haus family pride themselves on presenting traditional building techniques in a modern way. Their modular homes are setting new standards for style and sustainability, and it is one such classic example that we’re about to discover…

Crystal clear

Exuding a timeless elegance, this modern modular house shows off its impressive architecture. These houses have been adapted over the years to accommodate contemporary tastes, while still maintaining a special character. 

A warm and inviting glow looms through the generous glass glazing, giving us an open dollhouse view of the interior layout. The house seems strong and structured (as any homeowner would want), although presented in a stylish and fine-looking manner. 

Even if we didn’t know anything about this being a modular house, we would still have done a double take at this unique facade.

A warm embrace

Environmental sustainability is a key part of the house’s design. Huf Haus ensures that their creations are triple-gazed, fully insulated, and use renewable energy sources, such as air-sourced heat pumps, making fossil fuels nothing but a distant memory. 

The homes’ post-and-beam designs have a lot in common with the Tudor and neo-Tudor buildings that are popular in Britain, softly mimicking a timeless classic, yet still standing firmly in the modern style. 

Speaking of modern housing, take a look at The Futuristic House (which also makes optimum use of glass glazing’s benefits).

Stylishly spacious

This is large scale living done right. A smooth flow between spacious living areas, as well as a light-filled environment, is what we find on the inside. Call the friends, by all means, as socialising with a large group won’t be a problem here. 

As presented by the facade, the structured linear design continues in the interior. We find a generous serving of modern and chic decor, presented in a neutral palette that teases us ever so slightly with bright colour spots here and there. 

Feel free to feed your inspiration (and curiosity) with more modern-style dining rooms.

A warm ambience

The warm and inviting atmosphere from the dining space continues into the living area, and it is not just because of those generous glass glazing that allows streaming buckets of sunshine into the interior.

Sophisticated under-floor heating systems are installed underneath those magnificent timber surfaces. Rooms are evenly heated by the radiant warmth of the floor, providing comfort for residents and guests even in the depths of winter.  

Here in the living area, we find some curves introduced into the linear design, making for an ultra modern environment to entertain the friends.

For the contemporary cook

What good is a stylish house without a chic space to try out those culinary skills? And on top of chic, the kitchen manages to be compact and spacious simultaneously. 

Bright spots of decor lighten up the kitchen, charmingly offsetting against the dark wooden finishing. Modern appliances gleam their readiness for any meal, while the stylish counter beckons anybody to sit down with a cup of coffee / glass of wine to keep the cook company. 

Sufficient space for meal prepping, cooking and cleaning has been provided. What’s not to love?

Some restful relaxation

Up the modern staircase for a light nap before dinner. Those fabulous windows are still keeping the interior light and spacious, but the highly insulated triple glazing offers more benefits than pure sunshine: protection from cold, protection from heat caused by solar radiation, and protection against external noise from urban or road sources. 

Light and dreamy hues adorn the bedroom, ensuring that dozing off won’t be a problem. All the elements work together splendidly without clashing (notice the same dark finishing on all the furniture). That exquisite sandy floor breaks through the dark finishing, along with the cushy rug and white ceiling/walls. 

Select decor pieces allow for a pleasing atmosphere without presenting any clutter.

Heat for the bathroom

We close off our tour with the bathroom, and our expectations aren’t disappointed in the least: stylish, modern, and gracefully laid out. Lush vegetation can also be found here as in the rest of the house, ensuring a soft and natural addition to the neutral colour tones. 

And for those who like their bathroom environments comfortably warm, good news: the latest generation of high-efficiency air-to-water heat pumps are installed. Extracting the natural heat in the air, the heat pump compresses it to increase the temperature, and then transfers it into the heating system. 

Could the modular homes be the stepping stones for future living? If they are (and they all resemble this ingenious example), then it’s certainly one stylish future to look forward to.

Who wouldn't consider moving into one of these chic homes?! What are your thoughts on  modular housing? 

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