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Part of the fun and excitement of viewing different houses here on homify is seeing whether they can inspire us to imagine ourselves living in them. Yes, whether it’s a rustic little flat in Italy, a two-storey family home in Canada or a gorgeous beach-side mansion in Cape Town, we have something for everyone here on homify 360°.

Which brings us to today’s discovery, which might very well be your dream home come true. This is a modern family dwelling built in a relaxed Japanese suburb. The house, designed by Tokyo-based Tamai Atelier, exudes an atmosphere of calmness and enjoys a spacious garden

Let's take a closer look…

The sun-kissed façade

How light and idyllic is that front façade? Built in a restful location surrounded by rice paddies, the home's terrace connects the spacious garden with a serene interior space. 

Notice where the roofs, of slightly differing heights, overlap.

The entrance “pouch”

The front-door entrance has been located in a niche-like layout which boasts plenty of space, leading us to call this area a “pouch” instead of a “porch”. 

Just outside the residence, a small seating area has been set up and equipped with cute benches. The protruding roof means the door can be kept safely open, regarding of whether it’s rainy, hot or windy.

The open entryway

Inside, different elements using various wooden materials greet visitors in the entryway. These natural products create a calm space with a grand-looking polished flooring. 

A large window is present, ensuring a bright and welcoming space. And we just love the simple little bench which ups the interiors’ functionality factor, such as sitting down for taking off/putting shoes, or placing a few shopping bags. 

The built-in wooden storage on the left exudes an atmosphere of elegance, enhancing the delicious caramel-like tones of the timber surfaces.

A cool interior with mixed design

Seeing as this is a Japanese home with a modern ambience, it is fashionable to combine glass tables and black leather chairs. Through the generous windows, out in the courtyard, we can see the lush and beautiful green leaves which bring in a bit of the natural world indoors. 

Of course those floor-to-ceiling windows also go to great lengths to create a sense of depth and lighting within the interiors.

Heating things up

In the stylish living room we locate a wooden stove and chimney reaching through the ceiling, becoming one of the décor features of the home. Of course the fact that the interiors opted for a minimalist-like style in terms of décor (less is more) means that the stove and chimney become that much more prominent.

The timber terrace

Acting as a neat little border, a timber terrace wraps (almost completely) around the house, allowing us to fully enjoy the large garden and fresh air. And notice that it’s sheltered by an overhang, making a nice stroll even while it’s drizzling quite possible!

Stylish space dividers

A half-height feature wall becomes one of the décor pieces in the house while also expertly spacing off the study corner from the rest of the room. 

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A stable and stylish structure

Concluding our tour, it is safe to say that this one-storey house has an innate sense of stability. The impressive terrace gives added space to relax outside and absorb the greenery all around. And the house expertly mixes natural materials and well-designed furniture to create an almost timeless look for the interior spaces. 

A definite winner in our books! 

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So, can this be your dream home? Tell us why/why not...

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