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​10 modern ideas for your entrance hall

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Do you consider yourself a modern person, someone with very innovative ideas? Want to know how to translate those ideas into your interior style? Then read right on!

Modern people surely seek modern ideas when it comes to scoping out decor for their houses – and why shouldn’t they? Well then, this article is aimed at you, created to provide you with a variety of different modern ideas in terms of decorating that important space in your house – the entrance area. 

The entrance hall can be quite a head-scratcher when it comes to decor, as it is an area with limited space that only serves as a passage between coming and going. Nevertheless, some effort should be put in, as it is the first part of your house’s presentation. 

We’ll provide some exciting tips, some huge and others more modest, that’ll make your creative juices start flowing, helping you to enhance the modern style of your home. 

Let’s get started!

1. A green greeting

We kick off with what many of us consider a problem: what to do with that space underneath the staircase. Granted, usually this does present a rather limited area, leaving us with not a lot of options to truly unleash the imagination. However, there are some great solutions to improve that staircase, as this is usually the first thing a lot of guests see when entering your home.

Why not add a small interior garden with some decorative stones? Besides bringing some greenery into your house, it is quite easy to accomplish and maintenance is virtually non-existent. This is a great (and simple) way to add a modern touch to your house, and to fill up that what-to-do-with space with something unique and memorable.

2. Opt for an optical illusion

The hallway presented here gives an impression of being quite lengthy, although it is only a few metres long. And the solution is quite simple: a mirror finishing covering the entire wall at the end of the hall!

When it comes to expanding any space in your home, mirrors can be pure magic, especially large ones. In front of the mirror in our example is a bust – a classic touch, yes, but so outlandish in its modern surroundings that it ultimately reinforces the modern, edgy decor of the hall. 

A true example that shows mixing (although on a small scale) different decor styles can result in something that really works and sparks the imagination (without being eclectic).

3. A tranquil entrance

No need to call up a contractor for some pricey renovation quotes – go simple, tasteful and elegant, as pictured in this stunning example by Critério Arquitectos By Canteiro De Sousa. What was needed to accomplish this? A side table, two lamps, two miniature vases, and a mirror to welcome your guests. And those are all the requirements to create a grand and charming entrance!

As shown in this example, your choice of colour is also important. Mimic one of your decor elements’ tones somewhere else – notice the colour of the flowers expertly echoing in the hue of the lamps, thereby seamlessly connecting the space and making it stand out from its beige backdrop.

4. The importance of colour

A touch of colour, however small, can make a lasting impression on any space (yes, even if you tend to lean towards the neutral colour spectrum, try to incorporate at least one of the rainbow hues somewhere). Modern doesn’t necessarily mean neutral! 

Take a look at this pictured example: it is a double-storey volume, therefore it’s quite big, plus the floors, walls and ceilings are all in white, making it seem even more spacious. What to do in order to keep it from looking empty?

How about a spot of classical furniture decked out in mustard yellow? The yellow demands your attention, and subtracts some of the “classicalness” of the furniture. The trick is also to choose complementary colour pieces, diverting our attention away from the clean surroundings and breathing some new life into your environment.

5. For the nature lovers

If you’re looking to bring some nature into your house, then consider adding a tree. Why? Why not? 

This is something truly extraordinary, and beats some fresh-cut flowers in a pretty vase, yet it makes perfect sense for the modern environment. The essence of the modern style includes basic shapes, functional lines and curves, and simple and serene interiors – so, why not transcend those guidelines and opt for a (literal) natural touch in your entry way! 

From interior vegetation to the outer garden, take a look at some more visual inspiration for your garden to enhance your lawn and impress your guests.

6. Welcome with a wow

Why opt for clean and quiet when you can have some super fun with your entrance hall? In our accompanying image, yellow and black were chosen to convey a bold contrast of colours, making the area much more memorable. The addition of the drawn stick-figure house and three exclamation points express an element of fun and excitement, and are neatly complemented by a more elegant lighting system dangling from the ceiling. 

This is a great example of how a careful balance (young and cool meets sophistication) can add a special touch to a space.

7. Garden spot

This entry way does double duty as a terrace. Nothing wrong with that—but add some plants, work with the right paint tones, and you could upgrade your entrance space to a lush garden corner. 

That’s the great thing about plants and flowers: they’re not limited to any particular interior style, and with the right accessories (i.e. vases, pots), they can be a prime element in your house.

Think about it: a sunny and soft welcome for your guests, which also provides you with the excuse to add some interesting and beautiful plants (and unique pots). Add a dash of paint and some decor to complement that vegetation, and you have your very own serene space perfect for some meditating, reading, or just to sit down and be alone with your thoughts (or a glass of wine… )

8. Get creative with corners

Don’t let a corner get you down – rather get creative with it. In this example, the designers have opted for only a handful of elements to fill the space, yet it looks anything but bland. 

And see how all the elements not only add some visual style, but are also practical (i.e. a space to hang your coat, seating area, storage facility). Add some neutral browns to offset the light tones, and throw in a framed blackboard wall decor (a perfect visual reminder that catches your attention before you fly out that front door). 

Together with a complementary colour scheme (notice that funky rug delicately fitting in), we are left with a modern entry way that has order, enough space to move, and is pleasingly decorative.

9. Contrast + minimalism

miniszyk unikat:lab Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs



Opt for some contrasting colours (very eye-catching) and the “less is more” approach for a neat modern effect. 

Black goes with anything, and here we have visual representation that a black niche can add a striking effect to an area. It breaks the white mould of the room, and forms the perfect backdrop for the pink (contrasting) stool. A coat hanger inserts some small bright touches and, together with the rug, ensures a complementary mimicking of that remarkable pink. 

And there you have it: less than five decor pieces added to a contrasting colour palette for an outstanding and memorable effect.

10. A strapping combination

And lastly, a modern entrance area that shows off a delightful mixing of décor pieces. If minimalism is not your cup of tea, then feel free to group different elements together that’ll result in a dynamic welcoming for your guests. 

For example, see the effect created by the dried flower arrangement, stylish lamp, and modern mirror. Add a chic side table that works the wall- and floor colour, and what do you have? Different combinations that work stylishly together, yet still stand firmly in the modern environment. 

For other creative ideas when it comes to your entry hall, be sure to check out: Give Your Entrance Hall Some Wow Factor!

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