Nature Lover's Dream Home

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
Márcia Carvalhaes Arquitetura LTDA. Pool
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This magnificent home is any nature lovers dream! The outdoors has been completely welcomed indoors through the use of natural elements at every window area, while foliage, flowers and green houseplants have been perfectly placed indoors as well. This modern home is not scared of making nature a part of the masterpiece and instead, nature and natural elements have been expertly incorporated into the design to make this home a true nature enhancing classic.

This tropical home set in Brazil has been expertly designed and created by the marvellous team at Márcia Carvalhaes Architecture did everything to ensure that this tropical paradise took in all the aspects of nature to create this magnificently understated palatial home. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy this spectacular residence that has all the fantastic aspects of pure heaven?

Dusk setting

This stunning home has so many marvellous aspects throughout, but the simple yet magnificently designed exterior facade is the first attraction in today's review of the tropical beauty. The greenery and natural appeal of this home is clear in every image, but the main feature to the exterior of this home is surely the large and welcoming swimming pool. 

The home has so many cool yet functional features and even has an al-fresco dining option on the terrace for those hot summer nights when eating supper outside becomes a perfect end to a long working day. The perfect pieces of this modern yet simple home fit together so well from the inside to the outside. 

The addition of a large palm tree to the grounds creates an even more tropical environment, including the perfect touch to this already fabulous South American residence.

Interior space

This living room space of the home is so minimalist and simple in the decor and design elements, and there are some natural aspects that have been brought into the home as well. The neutral tone of the all-white and brown large and comfortable sofas makes this space look well laid out and planned, while the hues of white and cream create a luxurious interior environment. 

The all-white walls, ceiling and polished floor adds a sense of elegance and classy appeal to the home, the white stairs is almost transparent allowing for natural light to creep in through the large window. Providing the indoors with a stunning view of the exterior, while at the same time making the natural sunlight available to illuminate the interior of the home space. 

The interior of this living space is surely relaxing and comfortable to any guest, ensuring that the home is inviting and cosy.

What bathroom?

This bathroom space is absolutely divine! The sunken spa bath creates a tranquil and serene space to enjoy the stunning flower wall and the open view of the natural elements, almost as if you are bathing in the great our doors, but with the comfort of being in your own home! The floral fantasy adds a pleasant yet appealing fascinating seclusion to the bathroom… a place that no one would want to leave!

Spending the morning soaking up the suds and the sun with this wonderful floral backdrop will allow the user to have a little slice of heaven in their home. This area is surely going to be the best space in the home and with the natural materials used in the space such as wood and the neutral dark and light tones of the decoration, the bathroom is definitely the best room in the house!

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Open plan living

This fantastic open plan living space has all the natural and neutral tones of a gorgeous modern home, with added beauty and simplicity. The natural wooden element comes through in the stunning large dining room table, an effect that is mirrored on the opposite wall, with a similar hue of wood utilised and incorporated into the décor of the wall and the fireplace. 

The all-white polished floors and the simple white walls adds to the minimalist aspect of this home, creating a perfect yet modern touch. The multitude of greenery included in the house plants perfectly placed around the home space, makes this home something straight out of a nature lovers imagination. The cream an white tones creates a sense of luxury to the interior of this stunning home. While the addition of glass in every corner of fantasy allowing nature to become an interesting indoor feature too!

Gourmet experience

This splendid silver gourmet kitchen has an almost futuristic approach to it, with so much space for a perfect cooking experience. The similar tones of silver have been used throughout this pleasant kitchen from the minimalist and modern cabinets to the polished silver appliances. This kitchen has a different appeal compared to the rest of the home, where natural and neutral tones were excellently used to create an earthy atmosphere. 

The mirror effect black floors is also in contrast to the rest of the home, where polished white floors seemed to become the desired effect of the home. The nature loving aspect of this home has not been forgotten in the kitchen where the large window provides a view of the great outdoors, while the striking pink orchid on the counter allows nature to be a decorative aspect too. This kitchen has been meticulously planned and designed from colour to finish to detail.

Stairwell and landing

A stairwell and landing in a home is often that neglected space where not much thought has been put into the design and decor, however this home owner and the design team has paid perfect attention to this interior space that transports residents into the sleeping quarters of this magnificent home. 

The all-white and silver aspects of the stairs creates a modern and minimalist look to the home space, while the wooden elements used in the upstairs flooring once again brings in that natural appeal of this beautiful Brazilian home. 

The all-white walls used perfectly throughout the home makes the space look brighter and more open, while the large window perfectly positioned where the staircase has been built ensures that there is an adequate and excellent supply of natural sunlight to the area throughout the say. How picturesque?

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