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The beautiful wooden house

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Today on homify 360°, we delve into a house which delightfully marries the indoors with the outdoors. Yes, because how often do we feel cramped in inside our homes, or wish we could just open more than a simple little window or door somewhere to let in more light? Well, this house (and its inhabitants) has no qualms about that! 

Made predominantly out of wood, aluminium and glass, this delightful structure sits on a large block of land, surrounded by a fresh, green and vibrant landscape. In fact, it looks just like a modern country cabin when seen from the outside. 

But of course the interior spaces are also brag-worthy, treating us to spacious and sunny layouts with plenty of character. 

Let’s take a look!

A lit-up piece of heaven

How extraordinary does the house look at night, with the interiors brilliantly lit up and spilling forth from those gigantic windows and glass doors? 

And check out the terrace linking up the various structures of the house – more than ample space for exterior entertaining and socialising, regardless of one’s age.

Very spacious

This angle allows us to see just how truly spacious the house is. It extends out into three separate spaces, each beautifully mirroring one another by having very similar looks.

The materials

Thanks to a strong amount of wood in a light hue cladding the structure’s façade, the house appears quite soft and weightless. However, for the majestic windows and glass doors, aluminium ensures a touch of modern style, while also contrasting with the wood in terms of both colour and texture.

Perfectly charming

A huge amount of space is ensured on the outside – both with the terrace / wooden deck, as well as the vast landscape / lawn surrounding the house. 

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Interior beauty

For the interiors and exteriors to merge, it’s a simple matter of opening up those glass folding doors and letting them zig-zag out of the way. This allows the fresh outsides to spill indoors, merging with the large open-plan layout which already enjoys a sunny outlook. 

Here, the wooden floor provides warmth and charm, whilst the fireplace ensures a cosy ambiance. On the far right, we can see a large bookshelf which extends across the whole wall (any bookworm’s dream come true), while an entertainment area (complete with flat-screen television and DVD collection) ensures adequate leisure for those whose idea of a good time does not include opening up a book. 

A most definite winner in our books!

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