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Our homify 360° discovery for today is rather special. Because instead of focusing on an extension that afforded a house more space, or a beautiful abode with breathtaking views, this one flaunts some pretty amazing window-, door- and glass technology that is allowing homeowners to have the best of both worlds – that is, inside and outside. 

Designed and constructed by Sunflex Aluminiumsysteme GMBH, these innovative folding glass doors act as a removable barrier between interior areas and exterior spaces. At the mere push of a button, they open up fully, transforming a closed-off and warm space into a bright and open area that can partake in the fresh air of the surroundings. And even while closed, they allow a room to be flooded with as much natural light and warmth as possible.   So, the question becomes: would these unique and modern doors/windows be the perfect addition for living rooms, sun rooms, patio spaces, just about every interior that needs to be opened up every now and again? You’d better believe it!

Opened up

No one will be the wiser that we are, in fact, viewing some pretty impressive technology here. From this angle, it simply looks like a super modern house with floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors that allow the interiors to become one with the outdoors – ideal for, say, a pool party, right?

Now watch…

Closed in

Should the occasion calls for it (whether you require more privacy or need to keep the elements out due to wintery temperatures or rainfall), the mere click of a button removes the link between indoors and outdoors, allowing those windows and glass doors to become sturdy wall surfaces. 

Allow our extensive list of professionals (including interior designers, architects, gardeners, lighting experts, etc.) to help you conjure up the house of your dreams.

Comfortably customisable

Transforming the doors from an open to a closed state (and vice versa) is truly effortless. The doors are fitted into aluminium railings, ensuring durability and highest quality. The made-to-measure system is completely made to order to fit the individual home, available in five standard colours (as well as personalised options), meaning you are sure to find the required look to suit your house’s style.

A different location, the same concept

Here we are at another property which also makes use of the same product, just to show you how perfect they can function as a barrier in-between interiors and exteriors. 

Having stone or concrete pillars standing in-between the glass sheets is a great option to break up the transparent wall and to provide a bit of extra support.

Tucked in tight

Just like magic (we prefer to call it “technology”), these doors have been completely closed, ensuring a warm and safe space separated from the outside environment. The corner panels seal up and offer protection and comfort to anyone inside. 

The perfect product to seamlessly connect your interior- and exterior worlds in a flawless and stylish manner. 

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What are your thoughts on this technology?

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