6 kitchens you can learn a thing or two from

Leigh Leigh
Störmer Range Hehku Kitchen
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One of the most popular designs in the kitchen at the moment is an L-shape. It is characterised be clean lines and a versatile style, allowing a kitchen to adjust to any house, not matter how small or big.

Kitchen islands are also very popular in modern homes, turning a cooking area into a U-shape straight away.

There are so many different styles and types of kitchens at the moment, which create very functional and stylish environments. 

This is why today on homify, we've put together 6 models of kitchens, made up of different designs and shapes. These will inspire you as well as show you how many different options exist!

Shall we take a look?

1. Industrial design

This kitchen design takes on an industrial-chic look and feel with sharp lines, a clean look and feel, exposed brick and a metal pipe.

You'll also notice that there is plenty of storage, including the cupboards and drawers as well as the shelves on the wall. The storage units house a lot of the accessories and electrical appliances, keeping the counters bare of anything that isn't necessary or functional. 

The wooden counter tops add a warm and refreshing touch to the space, breaking up the cooler tones. The wooden shelf that runs along the upper walls match the counter tops, enhancing this warmth. 

This L-shaped design also shows how much space is left in the room, making for a very comfortable cooking environment.

2. Minimalist with excessive simplicity

This simple design is always a good option when it comes to a sleek and stylish kitchen. Instead of opting for elaborate details or over the top patterns, choose a minimalist look and feel. This will bring together excessive simplicity and elegance as well as flawless functionality. 

The storage units in this kitchen introduce darker tones, contrasting beautifully with the light walls and floors. The funky light is the cherry on top, showing how functionality and design work in harmony with one another.

3. For intelligent design

This kitchen makes the absolute most of the space available to it with a kitchen island that subtly separates the cooking area from the rest of the home, while still allowing for an interactive flow between the spaces.

Kitchen islands or bars can be a wonderful addition to a home, providing that much more storage as well an extra surface for cooking or preparing food.

Have a look at these kitchen islands to treasure for inspiration for your own home.

4. A more classic kitchen

This kitchen features white storage units on both the upper and lower levels of the wall in a very elegant and classic design. Don't you love the detail of the room? The cupboards feature beautiful handles while the floor introduces a delightful and sophisticated pattern to the space.

You'll feel fancy just stepping foot in a kitchen like this!

5. New colours and unique design

Störmer Range Hehku Kitchen

Störmer Range


Shades of dark red and grey adorn this kitchen in a very striking design, by professionals Hehku

The designers have really worked with the functional elements, such as the storage units, to create an edgy and unique design. Don't you love the various shapes of the cabinets, shelves and drawers?

There is also a kitchen island in this room, which adds to the beauty and functionality of this space.

6. Quieter tones

This very modern kitchen features simple white tones and an L-shaped design. There are no handles on the cabinets and no bells or whistles in the design. This is a great example of less is more!

The designers have gone for a very clean cut design that isn't complicated by the details. 

White can sometimes be a wonderful option for a kitchen space. Have a look at these 10 all white kitchens for inspiration.

Also look at these tips for how you can make your small kitchen more beautiful.

Which kitchen would you choose for your home?

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