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Today on homify 360°, we take a look at a residential complex with all the right touches in terms of looks. Decked out in the modern style, this creation, which houses numerous residential units, presents a charming yet stylish ambience thanks to detailed touches, not only on each unit’s façade, but also in the overall style that one can see is carried through in the entire complex.

And, of course, what would a stylish city-bound structure be without some freshness in the form of plants and flowers? Luckily, this complex takes care of that as well.

Let’s take a look…

A striking look

The front façade of the units presents a very clean and open look (the top balcony, the shaded front porch where we locate the front entrance, the beautiful potters, etc.), while still managing not to go overboard (no huge windows which allow us to see all the way inside, plus the privacy/security wall on the right). 

After all, one does want a certain amount of privacy and mystery and not show every passerby what one’s interiors look like, right?

Lush spots

Just because we’re in the middle of the city doesn’t mean we can’t insert a bit of freshness – these architects/designers of the complex certainly seem to agree, for every single unit has a bit of fresh foliage to help adorn the façades.

Vast space

Nobody likes a cluttered space, and we’re not just talking about interior rooms like a hallway or kitchen. Exterior surfaces can also resort in a cluttered look, which can make the entire structure (whether it’s a house, an office building, a shopping mall, an apartment complex… ) seem cramped. 

Luckily, this complex seems to enjoy a spacious layout when it comes to exterior areas, as these brick-clad driveways present adequate walking- and driving space for the residents.

Lit up at night

We close off our quick tour with a look at the complex’s main entrance – at night, when the entire structure comes to magical life via various lighting fixtures. 

Notice that even here a bit of lushness seems to spill out from the complex, beautifully adorning the front entrance with various shrubs, plants and a beautifully manicured lawn. 

Now this is how you do fresh city living! 

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Does this look like a complex you’d want to stay in?

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