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Owning a tiny home or moving into a small apartment can present many challenges when it comes not only to the placement of all your furniture and belongings, but also when you have to think about storage space at your disposal. Of course there are many benefits to living in small spaces, such as lower mortgage or rent and less space to clean, but the lack of storage is certainly not one of them.

Fortunately, if a little imagination is applied, there are really clever and innovative storage solutions for all the different rooms and space in your small home. Today on homify we will run through a few of our best tips and tricks for making the best out of the limited space you have for storage. 

Each stair an opportunity

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase built-in storage,space saving furniture

Innovative storage solutions.


We have long since been introduced to the innovative idea of storage space under staircases. The introduction of this solution was certainly revolutionary, since it makes great use of complete dead space that is unavoidable when it comes to a second storey home. 

Pictured here is a nifty coat closed and shoe storage. This is ideal for an entryway or foyer, as you will always need to take people's coats and can easily store your own. The sliding mechanism of the closets make it more like very large drawers, which are naturally easier to access and the view all of the contents inside. In this manner you are not only making use of the dead space, but also allow for this storage to move seamlessly into the rest of the room for perusal. 

Corner shelves

Cabinets are usually the go-to when people start to think about storage solutions. However, cabinets can leave you with a lot of headroom, and not as much actual storage space in the end. So, the best advice for small areas and optimal storage, is shelves. These can even be added to the inside of cabinets to make the most of space already marked for storage. 

Corner shelves is probably your best space-saver when it comes to shelving solutions. When installing a corner shelf, you are actually seeking out dead space which would otherwise have no function and transforming it into the perfect storage solution.

The kitchen larder

In modern homes, and especially those of the smaller inclination, there is definitely no room for a full-on, walk-in pantry in the kitchen. It is simply not attainable when it comes to budget and space constraints. A kitchen larder is an alternative for modern homes which optimises space and takes away the kitchen clutter. 

An effective larder will provide sections of storage space in which to house different ingredients and condiments, with the opportunity for easy organisation and accessibility. 

If you need even more space inside the kitchen larder, you can always attach wire organisers to the inside of the cabinet doors for small packed items or spices. 

There are many professionals on homify, such as Matthews Unique Kitchens, who provide excellent kitchen storage solutions.

Shower shelves

Recessed shelving within a shower is most likely the best bathroom storage innovation to date. It is simple, yet extremely effective—everything a good storage solution should be. 

The bathroom is probably the area in any home where you will have the least space to spare, and therefore creative storage is essential. If you can manage to create recessed shelving space inside your shower, you can store many daily use items with the added benefit of having these necessities at hand when you need to use it in the shower. 

For more creative bathroom shelving ideas, check out: 10 Stylish Bathroom Shelves.

The divine bed

English Rose Seafoam Divan Bed Little Lucy Willow Nursery/kid's roomBeds & cribs
Little Lucy Willow

English Rose Seafoam Divan Bed

Little Lucy Willow

Divan beds have been in vogue for decades and have become a household staple. Its lack of headboard and footboard has made it the ideal choice when it comes to versatility. This has ensured that such a bed could be used in any room and placed in nearly any position with success. It is also a popular choice when it comes to small spaces, since you don't have to deal with difficulties placement. 

These days the divan bed has been even more improved with the addition of storage compartments in the base of the bed. This is an excellent trick, as the base of a traditional divan bed only took up space without much more function than structural support. Now it can also provide an extra space for bedroom storage without taking up more space in the room. What's more, the storage sections can be neatly covered with a bed frill if so desired. 

Fill it to the top

Empty walls are a valuable commodity in any home, but can be priceless in a small house or apartment. There will be a lot of decisions to make when it comes to wall space for storage solutions, such as cabinets, hooks and, of course, our old favourite—shelving. 

When you are trying to get the most out of such spaces, book cases can be a great solution. This can be amplified by installing book cases that reach to the ceiling of the house, making use of every last sliver of space available. This style is best used with built-in book cases, since stand-alone ones may be too large and bulky to try and fit in. Built in cases will also allow you to design the shelves around the specific space, and use it to the fullest. 

Which of these storage solutions would work best for your home? Let us know!

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