27 unusual sliding doors you have to see!

Leigh Leigh
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Usually sliding doors are used in the interior design of our homes to separate the various rooms. This is especially beneficial for homes with small spaces where you want to make the absolute most of every square metre without compromising on privacy or personal space. 

These doors are perfect for this as they don't take up too much space and are versatile, adapting to any design or area of the home. They can be opened up to create a beautiful flow between areas or closed to create more private and intimate areas. 

This is why today on homify, we have put together 27 diverse examples of sliding doors to inspire you! This article will help change the way you think about how these sliding doors are traditionally used. You'll realise just how important they are as a decor accessory and functional feature.

You also won't believe how breathtaking some of these designs are!

1. Glass sliding door

Decorated with a gorgeous and edgy cartoon, this glass door separates the kitchen from the rest of the living space without constricting them from one another.

2. Sliding door with white frames

modern Kitchen by MOVI ITALIA SRL

Less pannello scorrevole


This is a bold look that highlights the beauty of minimalism.

3. Unique sliding door

modern Living room by ESTER SANCHEZ LASTRA

Cerramiento cristal tostado


Consisting of three tones of brass, this glossy door is full of luxury and sophistication.

4. White glossy door

This beautiful kitchen door separates the cooking area from the rest of the home if need be.

5. Door with two handles

 Corridor & hallway by studio radicediuno
studio radicediuno


studio radicediuno

These two doors meet in the middle, creating a symmetrical design.

6. Sliding door integrates the home into the outdoor space


Interior design—Glass Cube Padova


These glass sliding doors allow the home to be at one with the beautiful garden that surrounds it.

7. Classic white doors

You don't need an elaborate design to create a beautiful look and feel.

8. Separating the kitchen from the living area

These glass sliding doors allow for an open plan home if need be or a separate kitchen and living area if need be. 

Have a look at these tips: How Can I Separate My Dining Room And Kitchen?

9. A sliding wooden door consists of three thick panels that combine durability and elegance

minimalistic Bedroom by MANO Arquitectura
MANO Arquitectura

Rehabilitación de ático en Turó Park, Barcelona

MANO Arquitectura

10. A glass door is enchanting and transparent

modern Living room by ​KUHN GmbH

Alurahmen-Schiebetür AR10


You barely know it's there!

11. Sliding door with wood and glass

 Sliding doors by homify

Klassische Schiebetüren im Landhausstil


This is a creates a country-style look and feel without overwhelming the environment.

12. Black sliding doors

 Windows & doors  by Phi Porte
Phi Porte

Scorrevole esterno muro senza binario a vista

Phi Porte

These black doors contrast beautifully with the wooden walls. 

13. Sliding door

 Household by GmbH GmbH

Schiebetür für begehbare Ankleide GmbH

This sliding door features dark wood and metal finishes, which brings quite a dramatic design to the main bedroom. It also hides the walk-in closet, keeping the room neat and tidy.

14. Classic sliding door

Designed by professionals Lesomodul, this is a great example of a simple sliding door with a wooden frame and glass panels.

15. White sliding door

When in doubt, opt for white.

16. Bathroom door

A sliding door is great for giving a bathroom privacy without taking up too much space.

17. Small panels of mirrors

 Sliding doors by homify

Luftiger Raumteiler: Schiebetüren mit viel Glas


The small panels of mirrors with white frames create a beautiful effect as well as the feeling of space.

18. Sliding door an an innovative design

Do you see how gorgeous these raw materials are, working together in harmony?

19. Transparent curves

This is a great example of how art and functionality can work hand in hand.

20. Glass all the way

Glass doors create a transparent barrier between spaces.

21. Promote serenity and calm

 Windows by Staino&Staino

Porta scorrevole Glass


Simple colours and neutral tones can make for a subtle door that promotes peace and tranquility.

22. Modern and distinctive

 Corridor & hallway by MOVI ITALIA SRL

Patmos pannello scorrevole


This wooden door is very beautiful and refreshing!

24. A creative sliding door

modern Kitchen by Archifacturing

Appartamento ad Ostiense—Roma


This is a multi-functional sliding door that doubles up as a black board.

25. Black tones

Black can create a very edgy and distinctive design.

26. Glass sliding doors around the wardrobe

 Household by LIGNUM Möbelmanufaktur
LIGNUM Möbelmanufaktur

Raum im Raum: Glasschiebetüren als Raumabtrennung

LIGNUM Möbelmanufaktur

Have you ever seen such a beautiful dressing room? The glass doors make it that much more stylish!

27. Frosted glass doors

 Household by GmbH GmbH

Schiebetür als Nischenlösung aus Glas GmbH

This design allows you to see what's on the shelves while still keeping the items neat and tidy.

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Which sliding doors are your favourite?
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