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Introducing the stunning FloatWing House by Friday, the manufacturers of advanced nautical and water-related equipment and leisure devices. The interesting choice of name for the company has to do with the carefree and youthful spirit of the weekend, which is manifested in their products. 

With this particular project, Friday aimed to created a floating house based on the principles of modularity, comfort, eco-consciousness, transportability, mobility and autonomy. As we will see when taking a tour of the spectacular invention, they have certainly achieved their goals. We have the privilege today on homify to take a closer look at this nautical home and its special characteristics and we would love for you to join us!


From this side view we get to see the FloatWing in all its splendour. The modern style is created by the use of glass, steel and wood in conjunction with strong geometric shapes. The resulting look is that of a sleek semi-industrial yet elegant ensemble. 

The standard FloatWing has a fixed width of 6 metres and a length ranging from 10 to 18 metres. This has the implication that many different possibilities exist for the function of your FloatWing. Whether you are going for a cosy studio, or all of the comforts of a three bedroom house, it can be easily fitted into this ultramodern design.


From afar, the splendid FloatWing does not even look like an ordinary boathouse. Even in the distance the superior character of this house can be spotted, and its outward appearance is only a promise of the exiting interior and special features to follow. 

What makes this product so convenient is that all of its components, including the equipment and furniture for the interior, can be simply stored in only two standard shipping containers and transported to anywhere in the world. This means that you're very own luxury nautical house will be available to you in a short amount of time, and wherever you need it. This also makes the FloatWing a great holiday option. Now you can take your home with you on vacation!


Now we get to take a stroll on deck. Here we can see that there is a small passageway between the outer windows and the supporting, triangular rods at the edge of the boat. This allows for a narrow passage on which to enjoy the outdoor air and maybe hang your feet in the water. The deck and roof is covered in wooden planks—very suited to the nautical theme and a lovely natural touch. 

The houseboat has two small outboard motors which allow a comfortable speed of 3 knots per hour. This allows for you to enjoy a leisurely pace around the waters and maybe even the possibility to wake up each day in a different location.


Moving inside the house, we find a neutral interior constructed from light-weight timber. This makes the space feel bigger and allows an unbiased backdrop for any furnishings and decoration. The interior designer has decided to keep the space tasteful and minimal, with subtle, translucent curtains and a few boldly-coloured furniture pieces.

All of the materials and techniques used for the construction of the FloatWing are environmentally conscious and have a low carbon-footprint. It has also been designed in such a way as to lower the amount of energy required by the structure for daily functioning. For sanitation, it has a compact activated sludge waste water treatment plant.


Moving over to the kitchen and dining area, the first striking impression is the spectacular view provided by the glass panes which section the house off from the outside. Relaxing or dining here must always be a pleasure, with a view like this. 

The simple, wooden furniture of the the dining area are practically indistinguishable from the wooden floor, walls and ceiling. This ensures continuity and expands the perceivable space within the area. 

At the back we can see a fully equipped kitchen—a testament to the comfort provided by this compact house. What's more, the house further boasts with luxuries like a heat pump, AC generator, barbecue area on the upper terrace, wine cellar, and pellet stove. What more could you need?


Here in the living room area we can see the previously mentioned pellet stove and the options for comfortable heating it provides. It is the perfect place for it, since the living room is large and spacious, which could probably get a bit chilly in the night time. 

The large glass windows surrounding the room provide a panoramic view of the surrounds, wherever you may find yourself. The window treatments are light and subtle, as to make the best of the gentle sea breezes and allow the maximum amount of light. 

The pallet stove and all other appliances on board are operated by the generator which can be charged. When fully charged, the entire house is completely self-sufficient for at least seven days. This produces up to 80% of the entire structure's annual energy needs. In this manner you are offered autonomy at its best.

If you're not ready to jump on board with an autonomous houseboat just yet, you can at least: Save Money By Improving Your Home Energy Efficiency.

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