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​22 stylish ways to extend your home’s space

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt the need to gain some more space back home. Whether it’s to have a bigger kitchen, an extra bathroom or just more legroom in general, most of us have, at one point or another, felt the urge to extend the space of our homes.

Well, if that is a real need for you, then scroll ahead to see 22 stylish ways in which you can add some extra legroom. This can take on a range of options, from a brand-new extension to a patio, or simply to enlarge an existing room in your house.

Whatever your space requirements are, we are sure there’s an option below that will fit both your needs and your budget!

1. Some glazing, a roof and ta-da: your own glass-walled room that can be used for almost anything from a conservatory to a dining area.

2. On the other hand, a simple overhang with some exterior furniture could also do the trick.

3. Glass and metal combine beautifully to form this contemporary-style extension.

4. Won’t a simple shaded overhang near the pool be just fabulous for pool parties?

5. If you want that extension to really stand out, make sure you opt for materials that contrast from the ones used in the existing structure.

Aluminium orangery with bi fold doors homify Modern conservatory

Aluminium orangery with bi fold doors


6. If a link with outside is more important than anything else, we suggest you go with large bi-fold doors.

7. How about your own art studio / yoga room out back in the garden?

Rear elevation showing timber extension Neil Dusheiko Architects Modern houses
Neil Dusheiko Architects

Rear elevation showing timber extension

Neil Dusheiko Architects

8. No need to opt for the most expensive materials you can find – a cheap (but safe) build can also work.

See our list of builders (and architects and interior designers and gardeners… ) here on homify.

9. No space in your current home for a dining room? By all means, build one!

10. Just breaking out one wall and replacing it with glass doors can also make a huge difference.

11. This modern extension looks both sturdy and stylish – what would you use it for?

Sliding patio doors to closure On Winter Garden homify minimalist conservatory

Sliding patio doors to closure On Winter Garden


12. Build that extension with cheaper materials, and then simply paint it (or add cladding) to make it blend in with your existing house.

Single Storey Extension Reginald Road - Northwood London Building Renovation Modern windows & doors Aluminium/Zinc Grey
London Building Renovation

Single Storey Extension Reginald Road—Northwood

London Building Renovation

13. There is nothing subtle or ordinary about this eye-catching pergola!

14. Don’t forget that that new room will also need natural lighting; thus, add glass where you can.

inside/outside TAS Architects Minimal style window and door
TAS Architects


TAS Architects

15. A shaded terrace can also work quite nicely in our warm South African climate.

16. You know what they say: two is better than one!

17. This extension might look small, but trust us when we say it makes ALL the difference on the inside.

18. For a more open feel, pergolas are available in a multitude of different styles – and prices.

19. Who can tell that this is a new extension, seeing as it blends in perfectly with the rest of the house?

20. We love how this add-on opens up onto the quaint little patio outside.

21. A timber-clad garden shed? If you have the space, then why not?

22. It’s definitely a party with this super sensational, free-standing structure!

Which of these ideas would be perfect for your home?

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