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For today’s stimulating find, we travel to a quaint little residential area in Germany, directly adjacent to the dunes of the Baltic Sea. Here is where family houses and villas share their landscape with large pine trees and sandy paths – and also where Möhring Architects are showing off one of their fine-looking creations.  

The nearby sea served as inspiration for the house’s design, but don’t start conjuring up images of Hampton-style beach mansions just yet, for it is a unique abode that we’ll be taking a peek at today…

The front reception

modern Houses by Möhring Architekten
Möhring Architekten

Galeriehaus im Dünenwald—Giebelfassade

Möhring Architekten

A clean and modern structure greets us, while a pergola directs us towards the main entrance. That the architects worked with a constrained plot doesn’t seem noticeable here, as the house seems quite generous and spacious from this angle. 

The street is just a few steps away, while a wide, open garden lies at the back. Judging from this side, it seems to be a rather ordinary, block-like layout that we’ll enter – but looks can be deceiving…

A vastly different look

modern Houses by Möhring Architekten
Möhring Architekten

Galeriehaus im Dünenwald—Straßenfassade

Möhring Architekten

No, we have not crossed over into a neighbour’s yard – this is simply the street-side view of the house. What a difference in relation to the other, elongated-roof side! Instead of letting the thatching end at the eaves, this side has opted to let it cover the entire wall, providing some privacy from the neighbours.

Only once we cross the fence and approach the entrance area do we start to get glimpses of the spacious interior. Speaking of which, let’s continue…

A stretched-out style

modern Dining room by Möhring Architekten
Möhring Architekten

Galeriehaus im Dünenwald—Blick von der Galerie

Möhring Architekten

It is an elongated shape we discover (imagine an L-shape yawning, if you will). This is because of the parallelogram-formed plot the house has been built on. 

The living room, kitchen and dining area share a lengthened open space, and make up the heart of the house. Ample amounts of glazing ensure that natural lighting is welcome all day, every day. 

A soft, neutral palette adorns the interior, with serene white floors and ceiling, and beach-toned wooden floors. Fluffy-looking modern lighting dangle above the dining area. Stylish modern dining chairs offer some comfortable seating options, while a generous serving of air space between floor and ceiling ensures that no dinner party here will feel cramped.

A clean and quiet view

modern Living room by Möhring Architekten
Möhring Architekten

Galeriehaus im Dünenwald—Wohnraum

Möhring Architekten

The stylish fireplace announces the start of the living room, while providing equal amounts of snug warmness to both the dining- and living areas. An asymmetrical balance can be observed in the furniture and layout, a prime feature of the modern style. 

A lot of architects and homeowners who don’t have a multitude of space to play with also opt for the modern style, as it is ideal to amplify the illusion of space.  

Right behind the glass doors we see a slim wooden porch, a sort of transitional space to the garden outside.

Minimal and modest

modern Bedroom by Möhring Architekten
Möhring Architekten

Galeriehaus im Dünenwald—Schlafraum

Möhring Architekten

The bedroom and bathroom are located at the end of the house, completing the ground floor living area. The bedroom area makes full use of the neutral colour scheme, and provides a clean and serene spot for those seeking some sweet dreams. 

A small niche above the bed serves as a disconnected headboard, yet also provides some space for decor, books, or miscellaneous items.  A clean line design and minimal decorations make up a calm, modest zone, with no challenging patterns to interrupt one’s peaceful slumber.

Ideal for bath time

modern Bathroom by Möhring Architekten
Möhring Architekten

Galeriehaus im Dünenwald—Baderaum

Möhring Architekten

Adjacent to the bedroom we find the bathroom, with gleaming porcelain fixtures to enhance the sandiness of the floors. 

A slim, elongated bath provides some restful relaxation while soaking, as well as a garden view a few feet away – and not to stress, for soft, white curtains will take care of the required privacy come bath time.  

And for those who want to experience an al fresco bath without actually being outside? Close the curtains and switch on only the modern downlighters for a starry night effect! 

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On higher ground

modern Study/office by Möhring Architekten
Möhring Architekten

Galeriehaus im Dünenwald—Bibliotheks Galerie

Möhring Architekten

Up the stairs is where we locate the attic, which has been transformed into a library / office space. It is not just the glass gable here that invites some sunlight for company – two skylights have been added into the roof as well. 

The sandy wooden flooring continues here, while the monroe bisque-tone of the downstairs living room couch has here been traded in for a sunnier shade. A darker wooden tone has been selected for the desk, and modern ceiling lights are ready to provide ample illumination at any time of the day/night. 

A choice of two views

modern Garden by Möhring Architekten
Möhring Architekten

Galeriehaus im Dünenwald—Gartenfassade

Möhring Architekten

One is tempted to ask “which spot provides the better view – standing in the house looking at the garden, or vice versa?” 

The structure of the garden is modelled on a topography of dunes (echoing the nearby beach landscape), with added vegetation typical of the coastal flora. The design of the garden was also refined to blend in with the architecture (instead of serving as a separate, stand-alone area), thereby becoming a very natural and intimate extension of the house.

Never judge a book by its cover, as they always say! What did you think of the house? 
modern Houses by Casas inHAUS

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