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23 small and affordable South African homes

Leigh Leigh
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We all dream of large and lavish houses but sometimes it's just not meant to be. Whether due to financial restrictions or a lack of space in the city that we live in, it could be that we are destined for smaller homes.

This doesn't haven't be a bad thing, however. In fact smaller homes can be far more creative, savvy, modern and appealing then larger homes. 

To prove it to you, today at homify, we have put together 12 small and affordable South African houses. Each of these designs is different and diverse, showing you how much potential truly exists with a little bit of innovation and the utilisation of space. 

Designed by top professionals from around the country, these are 23 houses you'll want to see!

1. Wood integrates with nature

50m2 Sugar Gum Cladded home with decking - work in progress.: scandinavian Houses by Greenpods

50m2 Sugar Gum Cladded home with decking—work in progress.


2. A quaint double-storey design

The modern green house: modern Houses by Ndiweni Architecture
Ndiweni Architecture

The modern green house

Ndiweni Architecture

3. This prefab home is modern yet budget-friendly

4. Mix materials to create texture and tone in your small home

5. Clean lines and minimalist design can be key

HOUSE STEENKAMP:   by T4 Architects
T4 Architects


T4 Architects

6. Go for neutral colours to work with the nature that surrounds the home

7. Container homes are increasingly becoming popular and are eco-friendly as well as budget-friendly

8. A traditional house with a gable roof can be as pretty as a picture no matter what the size

9. Container houses can be moved just about anywhere and look gorgeous too!

Exterior: modern Houses by A4AC Architects

10. Create a beautiful front facade and no one will notice the size of your home!

House Alterations, Internal Refurbishment and Extentions:  Patios by DG Construction
DG Construction

House Alterations, Internal Refurbishment and Extentions

DG Construction

11. A little thatch-roofed house is all you need

Thatched Cottage at Game Lodge: rustic Houses by Cintsa Thatching & Roofing
Cintsa Thatching & Roofing

Thatched Cottage at Game Lodge

Cintsa Thatching & Roofing

Also have a look at these 6 South African prefabs with plans and prices.

12. White townhouses make beautiful small homes

Herzlia Heights Estate:  Hotels by URBANSOUP

Herzlia Heights Estate


13. We all know that awesome small homes can be made from containers

Pop Up retreat - Shipping Container living: industrial Garden by Edge Design Studio Architects
Edge Design Studio Architects

Pop Up retreat—Shipping Container living

Edge Design Studio Architects

15. A beautiful little desert home

Namibia Loge Upgrade:  Hotels by Visualize 3D
Visualize 3D

Namibia Loge Upgrade

Visualize 3D

16. Small homes can also have interesting designs

17. Okay this one is a little bigger—but we love the little pool!

18. Gorgeous little house with a fitting plunge pool

19. Stunning design, what do you think of the sloping roof design?

20. Small home, big impact with the entrance

View towards Verandah:   by ENDesigns Architectural Studio
ENDesigns Architectural Studio

View towards Verandah

ENDesigns Architectural Studio

21. It's South Africa, we all need space for our cars!

New house in Serengeti:   by Clearviz Designs
Clearviz Designs

New house in Serengeti

Clearviz Designs

22. Small and simple, and with security in mind!

HOUSE ALCOCK:   by T4 Architects
T4 Architects


T4 Architects

23. Lovely little lawn and garage combination for this small home

HOUSE PARROT:   by T4 Architects
T4 Architects


T4 Architects
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