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​The Small Yet Stylish House

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
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From colossal mansions to country villas, homify 360° aims to bring you the best and the brightest when it comes to architectural creations worth discovering. 

Today we focus on a quaint little summer house, designed by Argentinean firm Vismara – Corsi. When we say ‘small’, however, do note that this modern little residence does encompass a comfortable living space that functions as, among other things, a dining room, living room, barbecue area and also a meeting room. 

And, of course, what is a summer house without a spot of aquatic freshness to cool off in? 

For those of us in need of some R&R, let’s break away to this sunny spot of relaxation.

A simplistic façade

We locate the little getaway spot in a private neighbourhood, on a square plot barely exceeding 30 square metres. With a very contemporary look, the exterior boasts a neat and clean design, with minimal use of textures to add to the façade’s calming serenity. 

Weather conditions had to be considered very carefully before construction started, as the neighbourhood is virtually flat, and offers almost no trees for shading or wind protection. 

The house’s front side faces north, and this is where the best sunlight strikes. The south facade is an opaque wall that protects the structure from strong winds and storms, and also grants more privacy with regards to the neighbouring lots. 

The house was also raised about 45 cm off the ground should excess rainfall occur.

Beautiful and bio-climatic

One might think that the outside curtain has been added for visual effect. In actual fact, this has been done for thermal insulation, protecting the house on those sweltering summer days. When the temperature drops, the curtain opens to let that much-needed sunlight through the large glass panels. 

The theme that the architects were going for can be described as a rigid cube, which, thanks to the design elements, addresses the constraints of the site, and also generates intermediate spaces (neither open nor closed). This aids in the inhabitants feeling sheltered inside their cubic structure and, in turn, visually and spatially connected with the exterior.

Cooking al fresco

What good is a summer house without a socialising area? Moving through the kitchen area transports us to a comfortable outside patio, where a grill forms the backdrop for this social gathering space. 

This is a few feet away from the pool, allowing guests to take a dip and sunbathe without missing a beat of the lively conversation to be had at the grill. 

Where the overall structure of the house is a linear rectangle, the layout of the swimming pool (and adjoining deck) has a more slanting flow. The pool’s form adds movement to the orthogonal structure of the house, and also adds the aquatic element to both the outside and inside areas.

A quiet, serene space

Entering the house, where we are immediately cooled off by shading, polished concrete, and a serene neutral colour tone. 

This entrance area shares its space with the living / TV area, as well as the dining side of the kitchen. A clever use of glass panels and potted plants add some foliage to the view without taking up any space on the inside. 

Some wood panelling, a wicker coffee table, and metal fireplace break up the pale palette here and there. The clean lined design from the outside continues into the interior, while the minimalist approach to decor ensures that more space is freed up.

For the slim cook

Less is more, as the saying goes, and this is certainly true when working with small spaces. Practicality is a big factor to consider when designing a kitchen layout, and here we witness that the amount of available space should not condition the functionality of your available cooking area. 

Clean and white, with notable stainless steel appliances and bright white lacquered furniture make up the culinary section. This space is linked to the living area by means of an open breakfast bar, while downlighters beam down on any dish preparation / dish enjoyment to be experienced here. 

Moving past the kitchen area takes one to the grill area outside, making for easy moving of dishes and guests whenever some socialising has been scheduled.

The bare minimum bathroom

The house’s bathroom sports comfortable dimensions and offers all the necessary requirements whenever nature calls. 

Miniature tile coverings mark the showering section, and also highlight it from the white palette that dominates the bathroom. A floor-to-ceiling window allows for a decent helping of natural lighting, while frosting ensures the necessary privacy. 

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Some poolside shade

And what about those times when we want some private gossiping while the friends are frolicking in the pool / in the grilling area? We simply venture to the wooden pergola a few feet away, where an outdoor living room set offers some comfortable seating and socialising options.

This, together with the aforementioned facilities neatly packed into a comfortable and homey space, ensures an ideal weekend getaway spot that surely will be repeated again and again.  

Cool off with some visual inspiration when it comes to your swimming pool and deck area.

What a great breakaway spot for the weekend! What is your opinion of this little summer house? 

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