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25 pictures of fantastic ideas for drywall decorations

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Drywall or plasterboard can be quickly assembled or disassembled to enhance or demarcate areas inside a home, it’s relatively affordable, lightweight and easy to work with, while also being sold in a variety of sizes that vary in thickness too.

Including partitions in your house may just be the best option to create separate bedrooms for the kids and can be decorated to suit the needs of your family, whether you like the idea of an open plan living and dining area or even need to add niches and shelving directly to your walls.

Our team of interior designers have compiled this homify feature with 25 amazing options to consider for your home, from the simplest and most practical, to ideas and tips that will make you reconsider your entire layout. Plasterboard is relatively versatile and can be the creative feature missing in your home! 

Be inspired with décor hints to suit anything from the walk-in closet to the ceiling and make your home a contemporary masterpiece you’ve always wanted. And what’s even better is that partitioning can be efficiently removed in case you tire of the layout.

1. Bedroom walk-in closet

2. Room divider

5. Decorative ceiling with recess

6. Open up the space with partitioning

7. Plasterboard shelving

8. Niches in the living room

10. Custom fit shelving for the home

​ 11. Decorative plaster ceiling

12. For the walls

15. Behind the sofa

​16. Creative privacy with partitioning

17. Another stylish sleeping area

18. Complete library

19. Finishing for lights and air conditioners

20. Fantastic false ceiling in the hallway

21. Room division

22. False ceiling for living room

23. LED integrated into the false ceiling

24. Lightweight sliding door

25. A creative countertop

The possibilities are endless with partitioning, but if you're in need of more home decor tips, then have a look at 11 smart and stylish ideas for the space under your stairs (as seen in South African homes!)

Which drywall idea is best for your home?

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