A small and simple home built with love

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Cristiane Locatelli Arquitetos & Associados Rustic style house
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Relaxation comes easier to some than to others, with certain people only requiring an outdoor terrace, a tropical atmosphere and a decent spot to hang up a hammock to make their relaxation levels climb. If you’re one of these lucky few, then the home we are exploring today might just be your idea of a dream home!

This single-storey structure comes completed with lush and beautiful surroundings – we’re talking palm trees in the garden, gentle rolling hills in the background, and even a tiny stream flowing right underneath the house. 

Sound too good to be true? Scroll on and see for yourself…

One with nature

Not one to waste time with complicated layouts, this house presents itself as a very simple and straightforward structure. Its most striking feature, as far as we’re concerned, is that broad wooden deck that does an almost complete wrap-around of the entire house. 

Look! It even encircles some of the trees in the yard, making it seem as if this house is one with nature. In addition, it also includes almost no barriers (except for the few beams or pillars here and there), so there’s very little division between the home and the surroundings.

The mini stream

For far too long, we humans have been modifying and destroying the landscape to suit our purposes. This house and its creators take a firm stand against that by building the abode right atop a natural stream without interrupting it in the slightest. 

Utilising the unique features of the land has really given this home character – something that a lot of builders and architects can take note of!

Hanging around

We weren’t just dreaming when we mentioned hammocks earlier – this house really offers up adequate space for not one, but two hammocks that can gently sway in the fresh breeze.

And here we get another view of more trees popping up through holes in that wooden deck.

Throwing some shade

The house’s corrugated iron roof extends far enough to form a decent little overhang that wraps around the whole house. Not only does this provide shade for the deck, but also treats the house to a very quirky and relaxed look. 

Despite the lightweight quality of corrugated iron, it's an incredibly tough material that can not only withstand extreme weather conditions, but can also serve as an excellent insulator.

Corner windows

If you want your house to have a strong connection with the outdoors, you have a variety of choices, including treating it to lots and lots of natural light. Just see how many floor-to-ceiling windows and glass doors this house has, ensuring an abundance of fresh sunshine (and landscape views) that travel indoors throughout the day. 

Even though this could easily result in a privacy problem, the awning comes to the rescue by providing a lot of shade, with the deck serving as a sort of barrier as well.

A home that’s part of the landscape

Before we end off our tour, we want to take a quick look at how the house sits in its lush location from afar. Even though the house sports a royal blue shade right around its façade, it still seems to be a very natural part of the landscape. 

Undoubtedly, this is due to the amount of wood used in its construction, the way nature sprouts forth though its deck, and also how the surrounding trees are quite larger than the house – a sure-fire touch if you want your house to feel part of the natural landscape. 

Now for something equally relaxing, yet much more elegant: The home that looks like a tropical paradise.

Is this house the perfect space, or not really your style?

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