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26 unbelievably beautiful bathtubs you'll want to copy today

Leigh Leigh
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We all know how appealing a bubble bath is after a long, hard day at work or how romantic it can be to climb into the tub with your partner, especially if the candles are lit! 

In fact the bathroom is the ultimate space to truly unwind and relax in the privacy of a tranquil and serene environment. A bathtub plays a very big role in this.

This is why today at homify, we have put together 26 unbelievably beautiful bathtubs that you'll want to copy today. These all come from designs from top professionals from around the world and are key to creating the ultimate pampering room. Some are modern, some are rustic and some are simply luxurious—there is something here for everyone!

Are you keen to go exploring?

1. Wood around a tub makes for a very warm, serene and earthy design.

2. A bath stands out in an edgy black and white room

3. Go for a very classic tub for a very classic bathroom

4. Don't be afraid to play with sharp, clean lines for a unique bathtub

5. If you've got the space, install an indoor Jacuzzi—the height of luxury!

6. A yellow tub adds a cheery touch to a bathroom

7. An egg-shaped tub is the perfect solution

8. Curved lines make relaxing in the bathtub that much more appealing

9. Match your tub to the rest of your bathroom design for consistency and elegance

10. A Victorian tub is a hit in any bathroom

11. Subtly separate your tub from the bedroom with screens creating a luxurious overall design

12. Or connect your bathroom and bedroom directly

13. Maximise the views from your tub with a large glass window, without compromising on privacy

14. Simple and minimalist can sometimes be the perfect answer

15. If you prefer more rounded shapes, go for a tub like this one

16. Install shelves or a niche into the wall next to the tub to keep soaps, shampoos and bubbles easily accessible

17. A bathtub can be a decor element in itself!

18. Hang a piece of artwork above the tub for added serenity

19. Surround your tub with a vertical garden for a truly refreshing experience

20. Use lighting to make your bathroom a true haven

21. A grey stone bath makes for a rustic and peaceful space

22. As pretty as a picture—do you see how this tub fits perfectly into the space available?

23. A stone bathtub creates a dynamic bathroom space, working in harmony with the dark walls

24. Don't forget to use bathroom accessories to enhance the functionality of the tub

25. A mosaic tub brings a lavish addition to this bathroom space

26. A black tub can create a very edgy design

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