tropical Garden by Greice Peralta

17 miniature gardens (that are super easy to copy!)

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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You may not have much space to create the gorgeous garden for your family that you’ve always wanted, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In this homify feature, there are 17 magical miniature gardens to add some enchantment and fantasy to your backyard. The colours, textures, details and materials incorporated into the garden are neutral yet elegant. A glorious garden that is perfect for relaxing with a good book awaits you, regardless of your space.

1. Some romance

A garden with chic white stones and grey tiles is pretty perfect, now just grow some of your favourite herbs and flowers in the small pot plants.

2. Curvy

modern Garden by Arqca

Red rocks and succulents framed the irregular geometry of this space.

3. In a corner

minimalistic Garden by Arqca

This garden is decorated with stones and dwarf palms.

4. Stone wall

minimalistic Garden by Arqca

The entire wall incorporates different materials: white stones and shrubs, as well as colourful stones and thin stemmed plants for a charming effect.

5. Indoor

A garden with tropical plants and brilliant illumination is an ideal choice.

6. Spheres

This garden incorporates some stylish sculptures, spheres, fountains and thick stemmed plants for a different look.

7. Japanese

A mini circular garden that is framed with stone, bamboo and even a small waterfall is elegant.

8. Wooden planters and tropical plants

The design highlights the grey pebbles on the garden bed.

9. Separate spaces

tropical Garden by Greice Peralta
Greice Peralta

Jardim Principal

Greice Peralta

Add some fascinating blooms to a stone base.

10. Levels

Have a look at this corner garden that has flowers and plants on a variety of levels.

11. Demarcated

The various flowers are separated into their own zone by wooden planters.

12. Vertical garden

tropical Garden by HZ Paisagismo
HZ Paisagismo

Parede verde

HZ Paisagismo

You may want to contact a professional to add this look to your balcony.

13. Terrific triangle

Utilise all the space you have and add a simple dwarf palm.

14. L-shaped

minimalistic Garden by Vivero Sofia
Vivero Sofia

Jardinera con piedra rosa-naranja de cubresuelo

Vivero Sofia

Greenery and multi-colour stones are an ideal choice for an earth-loving home.

15. For the interior

The varying grey stones and simple dwarf tree is welcoming at the entrance.

16. The diety

Include some religious sculptures into your home and invite luck.

17. Pathway

Lead the way to a chill zone in your home with some white stones and a wooden pathway. Have a look at these 31 beautiful verandas to fit any space

Which of these gardens are your favourite?
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