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21 pictures of smart ideas for laundries

Leigh Leigh
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We all know how important our laundry rooms are, yet they can take up a lot of unnecessary room! We need to space to hang clothes, store fabric softener and washing powder and, of course, keep the washing machine and laundry baskets neatly positioned somewhere.

This is why today at homify, we have put together 22 pictures of smart ideas for laundries. These will inspire you to do interesting and savvy things with your laundry area, making for a very convenient and modern space that enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your home too.

What's more is that these ideas come from top professionals from around the world and will show you how you can turn any room—from the bathroom to the kitchen—into a good laundry area!

Are you ready to take a look?

1. Tuck it in the scullery neatly out of sight

2. Hang up shelves in your bathroom for storing clothes, washing powder and other laundry items

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3. Fit your washing machine and dryer neatly under the counter

 Corridor & hallway by Clean Design
Clean Design

Laundry Room

Clean Design

4. Slot your washing machine in a cupboard and use the shelves for storage

5. Create a neat little laundry corner in your small bathroom

6. A laundry room cum bathroom makes for a beautiful smelling space

7. Allow your laundry machines to blend into the accessories in the kitchen by opting for sleek grey

8. Hanging space can be key to a good laundry

9. One corner for cooking, one corner for laundry

11. Another example of how well a laundry area can work in a scullery

12. If your scullery is big, even better!

13. Add a natural touch to your laundry room in the form of pot plants or a vase of flowers

modern Kitchen by Arquitetura do Brasil
Arquitetura do Brasil

Apartamento—AOS 06—Octogonal—Brasília/DF

Arquitetura do Brasil

14. An all white design can make for a clean and sleek laundry area

15. Don't forget an ironing board in your laundry room

16. Integrate your laundry into vertical shelves for smart storage

17. Hide the washing machine in a kitchen cupboard

18. Use portable shelves and drawers to create a laundry corner anywhere!

scandinavian Bathroom by Elfa Deutschland GmbH
Elfa Deutschland GmbH

Endlich wird Wäschewaschen zum Vergnügen!

Elfa Deutschland GmbH

19. A laundry can work in harmony with any style kitchen

20. Make the most of vertical space

 Patios by Meltons

Belgravia—Laundry/Ironing Room off Roof Terrace


21. Invest in funky laundry baskets for personality and charm.

eclectic Bathroom by rigby & mac
rigby & mac

Home Accessories

rigby & mac
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