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DIY: 11 steps to building your own home

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
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Building your own home might sound extreme, but having the simple process laid out before you will make it all the more easy. 

Are you looking for ideas to build your own home affordably? A space where your family of four can live in comfort? Well, in this homify feature, we look at tips and tricks by professionals to help you build a dreamy, yet budget wise modern home for your family, with all the amenities of sophisticated living. 

A standard home is about 70 square metres in area and includes two bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan kitchen area, hallway and space for the geyser. Let’s see how a simple home can be accommodated for your pocket and property.

For a couple

If you are just two people, then a larger home may not be necessary just yet. Think of a 40 square metre living space instead with one bedroom and one bathroom. This could be just a starter home until you save some money.

For a small family

Opt for a house of about 60 to 70 square metres if you're a family of four. Two bedrooms may be sufficient until your kids grow up and demand their own space. 

The roof

There are more factors then just the cost of building the roof that needs to be considered. Electricity, drainage, windows and roof tiles should all be calculated before commencing with any work.


South African homes generally utilise a geyser to heat water and possibly some under floor heating systems to warm the house during winter. However, the under floor heating should be placed in rooms that are most used instead of every room in the house and can impact greatly on the monthly electricity bill too.


The attic can be simple storage space for your clutter, so a ladder leading the way should be sufficient.

Size, price, location

A simple home in the suburbs may cost a lot more in more affluent areas then in a location that is further from a city centre, while the cost of a studio apartment in the city might just be the same as a spacious three bedroom house in the suburbs, so take care when deciding on the location of your home.


Go for neutral colours to decorate the interior and you won't tire of the same vibrant shade after a few months. Coffee, stone or grey are elegant choices, especially for your kitchen.


Including textiles into the decor is another sure way to make your home cosy and comfortable, with floor sweeping curtains, textured rugs and rich linens and pillows being a classic element too.


Double glass windows will enhance insulation in your small house just in time for winter.

Repurposed attic

Sloping ceilings and plenty of space with some lovely illumination will make your old attic a to-die-for extra bedroom.


You don't need to invest in a Jackson Pollock for your home, get creative with your own watercolors or oil paints and produc something imaginative and charming. Or choose a poster size framed print of your favourite landscape if you don't fancy the DIY method. How about these 9 simple ideas to decorate the outside of your home?

Which of these helpful hints are you considering for your home?
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