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13 easy ways to make your bathroom look like a hotel space

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Let's be honest here. Many of measure the standard and quality of an establishment by the state of its bathroom. It is, first of all, the one room that every dwelling or commercial venue invariably has, and is therefore the ideal standard measurement. Secondly, you can tell a lot about the quality of a place by taking a look at the effort and time that went into creating the so often neglected bathroom.

Being very aware of this fact, the biggest and best hotels put a lot of thought into designer their bathrooms, as with all other spaces in these palaces. Although the results are undoubtedly amazing, it may be difficult to recreate due to the difference between a personal and 5-star hotel budget! There are, however, small and less expensive tricks and trends you can implement in your bathroom to make it look like it belongs in the world's top resorts. 

Today on homify, we will show you 13 of our favourite hotel bathroom designs and how they can be recreated. Let's take a look!

1. Eclectic

Master Bathroom hand basins:  Hotels by W Cubed Interior Design
W Cubed Interior Design

Master Bathroom hand basins

W Cubed Interior Design

This beautiful hotel bathroom is seems very up-class, but the look can be easily recreated by anyone wo has a sense for eclectic style. Simply mix elements from different styles, but which still suit each other, into a mix of elegance. 

2. Wide open

Ellerman Villa 2:  Hotels by DV8 Architects
DV8 Architects

Ellerman Villa 2

DV8 Architects

This panoramic hotel bathroom is lovely and inspiring. Wouldn't you also want a special room with a view like this? Well if you have a little money in your renovation budget, why not insert some large windows to accommodate this dream?!

3. Opulence

A large, free-standing bathtub is a great solution to bringing a sense of opulence to your home's bathroom. 

4. Rustic charm

Give your bathroom the charm of a country inn by adding raw wood and natural elements to a clean and white space. 

5. Modern lines

 Hotels by homify

Bagno camera da letto.


A stylish wallpaper design does not have to break the bank, but can definitely build the image of your bathroom. 

6. Clean curves

A comepletely white bathroom can be turned into a professionally designed space by adding some interesting curves in the structural elments, such as the tub.

7. Industrial

 Hotels by 4Udecor Microcimento
4Udecor Microcimento

Parede e Bancada em Microcimento

4Udecor Microcimento

The industrial style is something we see popping up more and more in the world's trendiest hotels. Fortunately, this is easy to replicate, since raw materials such as concrete, steel and wood are perfect to create the image. 

8. Subway tile

Subway tile has been a trend in interior style this past year, and we're not quite through with it yet. In a sleek and glossy white, this is the perfect wall covering to take your bathroom to the next level. 

9. Minimalist

Keeping things clean and simple may be the easiest way to achieve a hipster hotel look. 

10. Glamour

 Hotels by trend group
trend group

Hotel Park Hyatt, Paris, Frankreich

trend group

For those among us who are looking for something a little more luxurious, you can invest in a metallic wall coating that will make you feel like you are bathing in a palace. 

11. Marble and stone

Marble has long been associated with elegance and riches. You are sure to find this material in most luxury hotels of the world. If you can incorporate it into your bathroom design, even if only in the basin, you are sure to bring another layer of class to your home. 

12. Hot tub

 Hotels by Franck Fouquet
Franck Fouquet

Jacuzzi sur la terrasse

Franck Fouquet

What better way to say 5-star resort than by adding a jacuzzi to the mix?!

13. Mixing materials

 Hotels by Bleibe

moderne Bäder


A thoughtful mix of different materials in your bathroom can produce a classy space. Here we can see the use of plaster, raw stone, wood and ceramic tiles. The result, we are sure you will agree, is nothing less then stunning. 

These tips will surely make any home's bathroom like a luxury hotel. If luxury isn't really what you had in mind, but simply to make a small bathroom easier to live with, we've also got you covered. 

Which of these hotel bathrooms did you like the most?
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