9 wonderful ideas for modern kitchens

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The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the homes. It deserves all of our attention when it comes to design and decor. You need to think about furnishings and colours, allowing your kitchen to work in harmony with the design and decor of the rest of your home. 

If you think about how much time you spend in the kitchen, it's a space that should be comfortable, functional, convenient and of course, aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to food preparation, dining or cleaning, your kitchen experience should be bright and refreshing. 

Your kitchen should also be a modern and contemporary space, with the latest equipment and accessories. Yet, it should still ooze elegance and simplicity.

This is why, today at homify, we have put together 9 ideas for modern kitchens for inspiration. Let's take a look!

1. Details

Because modern style is characterized by a lack of details and simple solutions, you'll find that contemporary kitchens feature smooth volumes, clean lines and functional features. 

In fact, many designers are opting for neutral colours and tones in kitchens such as beige, brown or white. This makes for a warm and cosy space.

As we can see in this image, a stone wall adds to the gorgeous look and feel of a kitchen, without overwhelming it. It can be enhanced with carefully placed lighting.

2. Black and wood makes for a wonderful combination

Black is the king of colours and the most elegant tone of all. Here we can see how design professionals GLR Architects have used wood to contrast with the black tones. The sleek matte black kitchen bar subtly separates the cooking area from the rest of the home and allows for quick and convenient meals or catch-ups.

3. Violet tones

For those who love cheerful colours, why not incorporate it into your kitchen? Whether you use colour in the walls, chairs or decor items and accessories, you can achieve a gorgeous and striking end result.

What's more is that bright and cheerful colours will distract from how small the space is, becoming the focal point. 

If you don't want to overwhelm the space, paint one wall a bright colour and leave the rest a more neutral or subtle colour.

4. Fresh and inviting

Feel free to make your dreams a reality with this beautiful design. The white kitchen furniture works in harmony with the bright blue chairs and patterned walls, creating a cheerful look and feel. 

With the natural light streaming in, the result is a very angelic design. 

Tip: Add a small table and chairs to your kitchen where the family can enjoy breakfast together.

5. Elegant storage

Old-Meets-New Krantz Designs Modern kitchen
Krantz Designs


Krantz Designs

Especially if your kitchen is small, you want to invest in savvy storage spaces where items can be stored neatly away while remaining accessible. 

Here we can see how shelving under the kitchen counter makes for a very functional and trendy look and feel, keeping cookbooks and other beautiful accessories on display.

Have a look at these 8 clever ways to improve storage in your kitchen for inspiration.

6. A touch of gold

Your kitchen walls are one place where you can really have some fun with the design and decor. 

Why not add an elegant touch of gold like the designers have done here? This attracts attention and makes the kitchen seem very sleek and appealing. It also adds a striking touch to the predominantly white tones and colours.

7. A magnificent design

Neutral colours and the incorporation of wood can make for a magnificent design. Don't you love how the upper cabinets are finished in a smooth, beige colour? 

These warm and earthy tones work with the black finishes and accessories while the patterned floors add the final touch to the design. 

The unique details, including the funky lamp, make for a very attractive and eclectic cooking space.

8. Practical

If you are capable of exploiting the fourth wall of the kitchen, why not convert it into a space packed with internal volumes. This will provide maximum storage and will give the kitchen that tiny bit of privacy that it deserves, without cutting off the cooking area from the rest of the home.

9. Movie-scene

Who among us does not wish to have a kitchen that we see in movies? 

Here we come across exactly that! This kitchen features a sleek design with wood as the basic material. It brings in a brilliant and charming effect, working in harmony with the details and accessories to create a very stylish space. 

If you've enjoyed exploring these gorgeous modern kitchens, you may be interested in rustic kitchens too?

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Which kitchen would you choose?

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