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A beautiful mountain home perfect for you

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Pack your bags, everyone, homify 360° is treating you to a little trip up the mountains in Antioch, Lima (which is in Peru). But we’re not setting off to enjoy a mountain hike, but rather to check in on a gorgeous little cabin courtesy of the design team of Marina Vella Architects. This little dream child of theirs, which offers splendid landscape views, is situated about 40km south-east of Peru’s capital. Embracing the scenic flora and fauna, this impressive yet modest cottage boasts natural materials of stone, clay and cane, while its east-west situation radiates natural illumination throughout the day.

The aim of this creation? To generate a sensory, visual and material link between the occupants of the house, the environment and the architecture. And as this unique structure is split into two separate dwellings, it utilises its irregular topography to connect the inhabitants with nature and the outdoors.

Let’s explore!

The charming façade

As this little house is located on a 5,800m² plot, it has a lot of space to work with. And yet, you won’t find any grandiose or larger-than-life structures here, for all have been appropriately designed to fit the land and suit the surrounding landscape.

Here we get a view of one of the two separate dwellings. In creating two different and separate buildings, the architects were able to maximise the interesting landscape scenery while enhancing privacy and continuity with the natural surroundings.

Modern joins up with rustic

Time for the interiors, and inside we get a superb lesson on how to beautifully join up modern style with rustic design. The fireplace sets the scene for the room, ensuring a warm and inviting atmosphere, while other natural materials (such as the granite dining table) bring an element of sleek modernity. 

Notice how the cottage’s ambience is slightly more chic than your typical country retreat – pure perfection for those of us whose idea of “roughing it” in nature still has to include warm water and electricity!

Stunning style

Around the corner we find the open-plan dining room and kitchen, but it’s the textured stucco walls as well as the exposed stone features that really blow us away. This brightly designed interior perfectly embraces the scenic landscape outside (especially once natural light bounces off those pale stone surfaces), with timber flooring reflecting the doors, furniture and hardware throughout the home.

The outdoor dining space

A house with such an impressive location must surely make the most of its surroundings, which is why it treats its owners to this fabulous outdoor dining area. Notice how the furniture pieces are all bright and lively, with colourful chairs inviting the occupant to sit, socialise and enjoy their time outside. 

A countertop complete with sink is tucked into the adjoining wall, boasting adequate space for dish prepping and cleaning, meaning nobody has to rush back inside to clear away those plates after a hearty meal.

Mixing the outdoors with the indoors

Here we get a splendid view of how the landscape intertwines with the interiors, in this case the hallway. The architects and designers certainly did a fascinating job of bringing the two spaces together – and who could blame them for wanting to bring in as much of that extraordinary view as possible?

A cosy dozing spot

One of the bedrooms offers a multi-bunk sleeping space for four, complete with built-in furniture and a very cheery aesthetic. Playful, cosy and exciting all at the same time, this is perfect for both young and old, for it flaunts a sophisticated yet youthful ambience.

Embracing the greens

It would seem all the rooms are embracing the landscape, for here we get a peek of another bedroom that also allows the fresh greens outside to seep inside via a large window. 

Notice how the furniture and décor pieces are very simple and quiet, allowing the scenic view to adorn the space instead.

The master suite

In the master bedroom, we are treated to a colour palette that is both bright and engaging, with lots of chic touches that add to the overall sense of style. We just love how the room is elegant, yet also casual and easy-going with its laid-back ambience of comfort and cheerfulness.

The perfect little nature spot

We need to have one last look at this cute little creation from outside before we depart. The house, although presenting a very comfy look, blends in beautifully with the undisturbed nature scene, undoubtedly thanks to its rustic design and the way in which it embraces natural materials in its construction. 

The perfect little getaway home for weekends when serenity and relaxation are all you want to focus on, don’t you think? 

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What do you think of this house and its impressive location?
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