A one-level house that feels huge (but it's tiny!)

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Today on homify 360°, we jet off to magical Japan to set foot inside a wonderful family home. What makes this creation so wonderful? Glad you asked…  

It portrays a delightful two-in-one look on the outside (which we’ll get to in a mere moment), but on the inside it also provides a double service. Because although it is quite modern and super fancy (we’re talking wooden floors, crisp neutral colours, sharp lines), it is also very charming and inviting – it has to be, seeing as it is the home of a young and growing family. 

The architect in charge of this beautiful wood-filled home clearly knew exactly what type of ambiance was needed and the results are absolutely inspiring. So, if you’re been wondering what type of family home you should build, don’t draw up any plans until you’ve taken a sneak peek at this little wonder…

The two-sided façade

What a refreshing façade this little house flaunts! The natural wood cladding and galvanized roof gives us a double deal when it comes to visual friendliness – it gives us the best of both worlds and just looks so inviting, don’t you think? 

We must see more immediately…

Open spaces

It is pretty clear that this house has more windows than your average structure, allowing for much more light to enter and become part of the interiors. Lots of running space for the little ones, then? 

As for the colour scheme, the natural combination of white and wood helps to keep the interior as chic, simple and charming as the exterior.

A simple lifestyle

We all know the appeal of open-plan layouts, so it’s no wonder that they’re one of the hottest trends right now. Thus, we are not surprised at all to discover this kitchen and dining area sharing the same space. With no island or countertop separating the rooms at all, there is such an inclusive and minimalist feel that must surely help to make parenting a little bit easier. 

We just love how those dramatic-blue chair cushions add such a loving contrast to the overall neutral colour palette!

A firm link with the outdoors

This image is exquisite, as it shows us how much the inside- and outside spaces are intertwined, thanks to clever flooring choices and generous sliding doors. 

How many other homes can boast about having such a delightful view around seemingly every corner? So pleasant!

Lit up perfectly

The real magic comes alive once dusk approaches, allowing the interior lights to come on and really make this family-friendly home flaunt its charm. That is when warm, inviting illumination pours out of every window and beckons us inside to start exploring those interior spaces all over again…

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The perfect space, or not really your style? Tell us what you think in our comments section, situated below.

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