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A boring flat gets a modern touch to copy

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Our regular readers here on homify will know by now how much we love a beautiful renovation. Give us an old and outdated space lacking in modern appeal and we’ll show you how some trusty professionals quickly and easily transform that space into something spectacular.

Speaking of spectacular, today’s ‘before and after’ piece truly is something dramatic. Because at the end of this extensive home renovation, the only thing that remained of the old space was the fabulous dining table!  

From old-fashioned and gloomy rooms spring forth beautifully light and airy living spaces that feel so contemporary and cool you'll have to take a second look just to make sure you’re not imagining things. 

The professional in charge here? Architectural firm SUMISURA. The design style? Modern. The time for viewing this transformation? Right now!

Before: The drab kitchen

We know that not every kitchen can be fun, exciting and elegant, but we are also sure that there is never a good excuse for the heart of the home to appear as… well, underwhelming as this one. 

The only pop of colour comes from the floor, but even that is not enough to save this kitchen space from receiving a “no” vote from us.

Before: The outdated dining/living space

We can see why the dining table was spared – it is simply delightful and flaunts a strong and opulent look. However, here it simply gets lost in the sea of underwhelming materials and colours. 

On a side note, please take a look at that floral-patterned, flimsy full-length curtain in the background and consider it as advice of what not to include in your modern home!

Before: The very ugly bathroom

Cluttered. Grubby. Old-fashioned. These are words we love to use when describing spaces and rooms we do not like. And they all depict the state of the old bathroom. This is an absolute horror show and nothing feels cohesive, useful or clean. 

Who would ever want to retreat in here to brush their teeth, comb their hair, or play Candy Crush on their phone while answering nature’s call? Certainly not us!

Work in progress: The new plan

Thanks to this architectural plan, you can see the fantastic potential that this home has to be inviting, spacious and beautiful. We particularly love the idea of partitioning a slice of space off from the kitchen to create a study. 

Judging from this layout, an open-plan dining and living room will be the key space. We simply can't wait to see what décor style has been selected!

After: The incredible transformation

Do you recall the outdated dining/living space filled with chunky wooden furniture that did such an incredible job at making the room seem small and cluttered? Well, this is it – or rather, was it! 

The simple white colour palette, unfussy finishes and clean selection of décor pieces mean that all the dining room furniture now looks perfectly at home, not to mention elegant and stylish.

After: Designed for comfort and beauty

The dining space shares its legroom with the open-plan living room, and from this angle we can see how gently it is nestled into a corner for maximum comfort and minimum space interruption.

Look what a stunning contrast is achieved by keeping the old dining table (a classic style) and combining it with the lavish chandelier and contemporary sofas in the background.

After: The crisp new kitchen

Hard to believe, but this really is the drab old kitchen we encountered earlier. Now super contemporary and finished in a monochrome colour scheme, everything feels cohesive and enjoys a soft flow. 

Don’t you just love that new sleek-black breakfast bar which opens up a world of new dining possibilities for this modern space?

After: Work and play

This little home office clearly gets some action by the looks of those files and that desk. By carefully segmenting an extra room, this small but perfectly functional room offers all the practicality needed for an office away from the office, yet loses nothing in terms of style or visual appeal. 

Notice how the modern white storage case mirrors the living room furniture.

After: A contemporary space for cleansing

It would seem that the entire old bathroom was ripped up and replaced. Good riddance, we say! Fresh and clean, this new space is now definitely a room we can imagine spending time in. With an overall gentle and clean look dominating the bathroom, it makes the little stroke of mosaic tiles above the sink look extra striking.

And yes, please open up that window to let in buckets of natural light!

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration on how a modern space should look, we don't think you need look any further than this makeover project! However, for more design tips, have a look at: From boring to beautiful: a home you'll love.

Our comments section is just for you – so tell us what you think of this modern transformation.

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