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The suburbs and fine architecture are not usually two concepts that positively correlate with each other. Theoretically part of big cities, but also distinctly apart from it, suburbs often feel like a space of limbo where you can be close to all the amenities of the city but can never quite compete with the big city lifestyle. 

Isabela Canaan Architects & Associates have set out to turn our perceptions of suburban architecture upside down with the exciting AM Residence. This surprising suburban home can rival the elegance of structures found in the most coveted design districts of major cities. With the added benefit of escaping the demands of city life, this home might just be the perfect balance and ensure the best of both worlds.

Let's take a look!

Sloped street view

Our first contact with this marvellous home comes from the street side, where we can see the house is built on an incline. This adds to the attractive appearance of the façade, as many different aspects of the house can be seen on different levels. 

The use of glass panel insets and slated wooden gates provides for a transparency to the outside world, which allows integration with the environment and also an openness to onlookers to experience and appreciate the house's beauty. It sure is an inviting structure from this vantage point!

Modern influence

Taking a closer look at the front entryway to the property, we can see a distinct modern design influence on in the structure. The use of concrete throughout the design is characteristic of the modernist movement and the strong, angular lines is just as distinctive. 

Peering through the modest gateway is an exciting experience in itself, as we can just start to see the distinguishing features of the house: the strong use of concrete, the wooden elements, and warm colours illuminated by tactical lighting. The irregular cobblestones which pave the side walk in front of the house contribute to a subtle and romantic atmosphere. 

Sleek kitchen

Moving to the interior of the house, our first stop is the kitchen. Although the kitchen area is limited, the room is far from lacking in functionality and style. With the brilliant black tiling and glossy silver appliances, the kitchen is a sleek space in which I am sure you can spend hours cooking or even just sharing a meal.

Best use is made of this space, as a small dining area is integrated into the island counter space. This creates a multi-functional area on which food can either be prepared or served. The appliances are also integrated into this space in such a manner to make cooking and baking easily achievable without much fuss. 

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Folk style hallway

No let us move along inside the house. We find a long, open hallway on the upper level of the house. The clean, white walls create a blank canvas to be filled with whatever the home owner desires. With the classic glass banisters to the side, there is definitely a lot that can be done with this space.

In this case, the designers decided to keep it simple with an elegant and neutral-coloured Persian rug stretching the length of the hallway. Together with the wooden ceiling beams and panes, this space is endowed with a subtle folk character—charming without being overwhelming. 

Tactile living room

Now we get to a more densely populated living area. The first striking feature of the living room area is a long, horizontal window which stretches across the side wall of the space. Conveniently covered by draping blinds, this window can be used to manipulate the light in the room at any given time, and must allow for spectacular scenery, by the looks of it!

The room is furnished in a number of objects—all of which seem to possess an interesting texture. It seems like everything in this room must be touched and felt. Even the two-dimensional objects have prints that seem to have depth. This is an extraordinarily sensory space and ideal for relaxing. 

Abundant warmth

From this particular spot in the living room we have the perfect view of the dining room area. The space flows effortlessly into one another whilst still retaining some sense of individual character for the different spaces. 

The most distinctive feature of this area is the repeated use of warm-coloured elements, such as wooden chairs and brass lighting fixtures. Complemented by the wooden ceiling beams, this area feels inviting and warm, even though it is very large and open. This is a great example of how the right furniture and decorations can change the atmosphere of a space entirely. 

Sensuous bathroom

Moving deeper into the heart of the house, we find a magnificent family bathroom that's fit for royalty. The space have very large fixtures and elements, such as the larger-than-life circular mirror, but this does not make the space feel imposing in any way. It actually looks like a very intimate area. 

What's really special about this bathroom, is by far its sensuous character brought about by earthy elements and clever mood lighting. The strategic interplay between classic white porcelain and the texture of both the wood around the bathtub and the textured back splash tiles, promotes a balance of material that renders the overall ambience of the room harmonious. 

The perfect veranda

The last are we visit in this suburban home is by far not the least. Moving outward from the dining room area, we find an intimate veranda or porch for lazy days or summer nights. It is bordered by a delicate garden to make sure that the outdoor feeling is in full swing. 

The integration of the veranda with the other rooms of the house is its secret to success. The movement from the open-plan living-dining room areas the porch is effortless and transparent. What's more, a counter with large sliding windows is the only boundary between the veranda and the kitchen. The perfect spot for an after-dinner coffee or everyday breakfast.

What would you give this home out of 10? What was your favourite part of the AM Residence? Let us know in the comments!

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