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What's the right kind of tile for your kitchen?

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Choosing a tile for your kitchen might be quite stressful, but it is very important to consider a few things before making a final decision. Aspects to consider include how the tile will match the cabinets and colours in the kitchen, the rest of the home and whether or not there are some bright and shiny elements available there already, what the interior style of the home is? Ask yourself if you prefer something modern and minimalist with neutral tones or something a bit more rustic and country with a more stone effect? 

Have a look at the options available and choose a tile that is long wearing and does not chip easily, remember if pots or pans fall onto the tile, the tile should remain undamaged and in perfect condition. Then consider the layout of the room and begin the planning process, whether it's just the kitchen that will have that tile or will the same tile be carried throughout the home?

Matching tile and interior style

A home should have a synergy to it, a seamless approach of character and personality that is present through all angles of the interior, making it look like one interior designer completed the look and feel of the home atmosphere. This means that the home should be comfortable and relaxing, but at the same time the home should give off the same inviting vibe through every room. 

For example if the home decor is modern minimalist, then the kitchen tile should make the same addition to the kitchen. If certain neutral tones are used throughout the home, with a personal touch than the same should be done for the kitchen design, layout and use of materials.

Calculate how many tiles are needed

The amount of tiles you will need in your kitchen is dependent on the size of the tile, the orientation that it will be placed in, such as straight or diagonally for a diamond effect as well as the size of the area where the tiles will be laid. 

Ask yourself if the tiles will be placed underneath the cabinets too like a skirting? Or will they just be on laid on the floor. You may want to consider placing the same tiles in the area adjacent too the kitchen as well, before you begin with the kitchen for a seamless flow that makes a room and house seem larger. 

Do the sums

Tiles are typically sold per metre square in a box, so accurate measurements need to be taken in metres of the area that is set to be tiled. The tiles required for a certain area are therefore calculated through a simple method, which will determine how many tiles you need for your kitchen. 

The calculation of how many tiles can be found at any tile store, but a simple thing to do before hand is to determine the area of the kitchen, which is done by measuring the length and the width of the kitchen and multiplying the amounts by each other which will give you the area. 

Tiles come in different sizes, so the larger the tile, the less tiles you may need, while the smaller the tile, the more tiles you will require. 

The cost of tiles are not the only thing to consider, there's also the cost of grouting, spacers and tile adhesive to take into account.

Quality of the tile

Open-Plan Kitchen, Dining Room and Media Room Luke Cartledge Photography Kitchen
Luke Cartledge Photography

Open-Plan Kitchen, Dining Room and Media Room

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Tiles come in a variety of qualities and grades for different purposes, a wall tile is considerably more vulnerable than a floor tile for example, while an outdoor tile is a lot longer lasting than an indoor tile. Tiles can be made from a number of different materials such as stone, ceramic or porcelain. But the grading of the tiles will tell you what purpose it serves best. 

Some tiles are best used for outdoor spaces and areas that experience wear and tear, such as a garage or outdoor living space, like a terrace that may experience rain. While porcelain tiles are shinier and depending on their grading will also be best suited for certain places. A marble tile however may be the strongest and most spectacular looking floor decoration, but will cost you a pretty penny. 

The quality of the tile will determine how slippery it will be if oil or water falls on it, no one wants a slippery kitchen tile!

Choosing the tile style

When considering what tile to suit your kitchen, bear in mind what the style of the kitchen is. If the kitchen is modern and minimalist with simple all-white tones, then it's probably best to match the tile with the design and décor element already present. 

But if your kitchen has a rustic, country feel with vintage elements and natural sunlight, then it might be a good idea to look at a stone tile, which will add that pleasant yet cosy feeling to the home. Each stone tile is typically different from each other creating a classic and tasteful kitchen full of comfortable yet stylish elements that are reflective of your personality.

Choosing the size

In deciding on what size tile to choose, have a look at the space available in your kitchen, is the floor space small or larger? A smaller floor space would often mean a smaller tile should be used, while a larger floor space should make use of a larger tile. 

However, the orientation of the tile in the kitchen should be considered when deciding on the size of the tile too, when choosing a diagonal tile orientation you may need more tiles and with a larger tile size, this may be costly and not create the same desired effect that you would've experienced with a straighter tile lay out. 

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Tile for the floor

The decision of tiling the kitchen floor may be a major headache and costly affair that you shouldn't consider doing too often. It is therefore best to stick with a more neutral tone so that the kitchen can adapt to the times as the years progress. 

But if being memorable and different is in your character, than choosing something with a bit more spunk and vibrancy might just be for you! This bright olive green kitchen tile will make visitors remember this home for years to come, especially since the cabinets and walls are a lot more neutral in tone. 

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Tips and tricks

When choosing to redo the tiles in your home always consider your budget beforehand and decide on a tile that is comfortably within that budget. It is a very emotionally draining experience to revamp a home, so whatever you choose should be in use for a good few years. 

Have a look at the amount of foot traffic you experience in your home and decide on a tile that will be able to maintain a great look even after a few house parties! 

Choose a tile that is easy and quick to clean, it's no use having a tile that needs to be buffed and polished to look great, no one has the time for that much effort. A quick mop should be able to do the trick without any residual scuff marks lurking behind!

Do you have any kitchen tiling tips? Share them with us in the comments!

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