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Soak up these fancy bathroom ideas!

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Having a fancy bathroom in your home doesn't have to break the bank—simple adjustments can have big results and give the impression that a professional was somehow involved. These modern and edgy ideas can create a peaceful and attractive new age bathroom without being too outlandish and cool colours that will accentuate the space.

The first step is to decide which part of the bathroom needs a face lift, or even if a more substantial overhaul is called for. Next, is to examine your options: simple textile upgrades can make the world of difference, while feature lighting can dramatically improve a space for relatively little outlay, both in terms of finance and effort.

How about incorporating some art, black and white photos or even just a splash of bold colour? Or perhaps contemporary tap fittings and towel rails might provide just the change you need!

Terrific textiles

The lines of colour matches are blurred on so many levels now, with modern and elegant designs and vibrant textiles in a multitude of styles available to suit any character or designer bathroom, revamping or renovating a bathroom has never been this inspired. Contemporary style and classic ideas can be merged to create an eclectic space.

Pictured here we see a fantastic example of how the incorporation of a vibrant colour can add a luxury and finesse to an ordinary bathroom. The lavish royal blue rug added to a neutral bathroom can just make it seem a bit more elegant, but still functional. 

While the incorporation of stone work on the wall provides an almost old-fashion edge to a modern bathroom, making it more stylish, chic. The opposite wall has a contrasting look and feel, with a wooden element used instead adding to that old world charm. This bathroom design is nothing short of beautiful.

Lights on

The use of lighting throughout the home can add a simple romantic and intimate ambience, but when choosing the lights for a bathroom, a few important rules need to be considered. Lighting in a bathroom needs to be perfectly placed above all, this means that the layout of the bathroom needs to be carefully thought through. 

Lights should ideally be placed above the sink to make shaving or applying a face mask easier. Adding lights to the shower should also be of utmost importance, no one wants to use a shower that doesn't provide adequate lighting. 

When choosing lights for a bathroom, consider the overall look and feel of the design, if the colour scheme is of neutral shades, then possibly look at softer lights that have a more incandescent effect. If the bathroom has a more brilliant white tone to it, then perhaps include a more white light effect for that ultra-modern bathroom decor.

Fittings and fixtures

Choosing the correct fixtures and fittings to fit the inspired bathroom idea that you have in mind is half the fun! It is highly important to identify the type of bathroom design that you aim to go for in your home.

For something modern and ultra-contemporary, consider cleans lines, simple colour and great geometric features, while a more old-fashioned bathroom will see the use of classic tabs, neutral use of colour and maybe the incorporation of stone or wood. If an eclectic bathroom is more your style, then look at a splash of colour, brilliant lights and a large mirror. 

In the example we see a sort of fusion bathroom, with clean simple lines and geometry present in the sinks and construction of the storage area as well as simple elegant lighting above the washbasin. The luxurious addition of dark wooden panels and stone accent wall within the bathroom provide a more classic and old-fashioned style. These merged elements work well together to make this bathroom absolutely calming in every way. 

More from Taller Luis Esquinca designs here!

Art Deco

Using more than one colour in a design space may be risky, but this idea in the example seems to work quite well for this creative and designer inspired multi-coloured bathroom, it's fun and practical while remaining functional as all bathroom should be. 

The colour synergy has been spread through every corner of this arty bathroom space, from the mosaic tiles on the walls to the bath tub and even the shower. The use of clean lines and modern features makes this bathroom absolutely adorable! 

The vibrant multi-coloured bathroom would make the perfect edition to a modern and contemporary home, a stylish and fun young couple that enjoy having fun and experiencing good times on a more relaxed level. It does have a sense of calmness about it, even though it is a bathroom with an almost rainbow effect to it. A bathroom such as this would even be the best option for a home with young children!

Add some green

A green friendly home should have a green environment indoors too, adding some plants to a bathroom can have major health benefits while creating a sense of calm and relaxation promoting the oxygen production to the room and making the air cleaner and healthier to breathe. 

Adding some greenery to a bathroom can create an enchanting bathroom that will calm the soul and relax the mind, think of the amazing smell if the plants were to have a floral element to then too! It would be heavenly, almost as if taking a bath outside in a natural spring!

With so many families incorporating eco-friendly ideas into the home, this would certainly be a beautiful addition, and with the natural looking wooden floor, soft lighting and fresh idea, a green bathroom might be the next big designer idea, that will mean more than just inspiration. Including plants throughout the home have immense benefits for the respiratory system, so why not use them as a decorative piece too?


modern  by Drummonds Bathrooms, Modern
Drummonds Bathrooms

Drummonds Case Study: Loz Feliz Retreat, California

Drummonds Bathrooms

A bathroom without a seating area inside the shower is just that, a bathroom. But add a place to unwind while in the shower to just enjoy the steam as if in a mini-steam room… now that would be fabulous. Especially if space is limited for incorporating a full-on steam room to your home. 

This fantastic vintage styled monochrome bathroom ticks all the boxes of luxury an elegance, with the inclusion of excellent shower settings and magnificently placed storage areas inside the shower cubicle. This modern take on a classic bathroom is exceptional. 

The use of natural sunlight and ventilation that flows through the stunning doors which open onto the veranda further accentuate a sort of French-inspired bathroom setting. Ample lighting has been included in the bathroom too, with spot lights and low hanging chandeliers included in the design. This bathroom has an old-fashioned approach to it, without it looking dated and out of style. 

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Add furniture

The idea of adding furniture to a bathroom is not new, but that doesn't mean that an old piece of furniture should be included. Including a seat to a bathroom that already has a vanity with large mirrors and storage facilities is sort of like having a salon at home…

So why not make it feel like a relaxing salon space, with a funky and vibrant swivel chair for easy hair drying, a plug socket for the hair dryer or any other electric apparatus, lots of mirrors to make the room seem brighter and of course the lights to add that salon glam to the room. 

This space can double up as a dressing room so ample storage space for all beauty products and make up is a must, you don't have to do your make up on the run any more while standing in front of a small bedroom mirror, now make up and grooming at home can be done in a stylish and fashion forward way too!

Have any of these ideas left you feeling inspired to try something fancy in your bathroom? Let us know in the comments, below.
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