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10 ideas for modern home decor

Aqeelah Bawa-Osman Aqeelah Bawa-Osman
homify Scandinavian style corridor, hallway& stairs
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So you love the idea of your home being decorated in chic, modern and elegant style. From brilliant colours, to sensational lighting, texture and elements… well we’ve got a treat for you! This homify article features 10 awesome ideas to decorate your modern home in sleek and sophisticated interior that’s absolutely comfortable. Our interior designers have considered ideas to add modernity and welcoming charm to the hallway and living room areas of your home even your staircase will thank you.

1. Optical illusion

It seems as though this hallway is never ending, but that’s just part of the illusion. It’s actually quite simple to recreate… include a mirror to the wall at the end of your hallway and your home will look instantly more spacious, this trick can be used to accentuate the look of space throughout the house.

2. Greenhouse staircase

Incorporating a touch of greenery into a compact home is a problem for many people, so look for corners that could use some sprucing up and add your gorgeous plants and flowers to this often forgotten space. Beneath the staircase is a perfect choice!

3. Hallway furniture

Simplicity is key, especially in a small hallway. A side table with a mirror, elegant lamps and adorable flowers could be all you need to add an attractive effect to this space. It’s charming, chic and perfectly illuminated, the colour choice includes just enough vibrancy to compliment the lighting.

4. Colour in the lobby

It’s amazing what a little bit of colour and vibrant hues can do to enhance the décor of your lobby, especially when it’s decked in brilliant white walls and transparent glass design.

5. For nature

As a nature lover, an enchanting tree could just be the feature you’ve dreamed about to make your home somewhat more interesting. Pair it with some dynamic and colourful furniture and the effect will be amazing.

6. Warm and friendly

How about a vibrant colour combination such as black and yellow for that contrasting and funky welcoming effect to the entrance of your home? It may not be a choice for everyone, but for those daring enough, this feature can be industrial chic.

7. Terrace elegance

The terrace should be filled with sunshine, fresh air and beautiful plants, add some neutral shades and textured materials to the décor as well as some seating to enjoy the tranquillity and calming environment.

8. Planned space

Storage space at the entrance to your home serves many functions, from organising clutter, to keeping your keys and coat at hand, as well as décor for that simple hanging area for your umbrella and wellingtons. Keep your colours neutral and your storage space will blend in with the rest of your home.

9. Quirky and edgy

miniszyk unikat:lab Minimalist corridor, hallway & stairs



If you consider yourself anything but ordinary, then a neon pink stool and black wall at the entrance may just be the best way to showcase your quirky and obscure personality.

10. Combined approach

Our final image displays an inviting lobby that utilises all the ideas in this feature, but in a simple yet elegant manner. The lighting, mirror and natures touch add a stunning ambiance to the space and we cannot help but feel welcome and at home. For more ideas, have a look at: The best modern apartments—10 projects.

Which creative idea will you include in your modern home?

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