The Johannesburg house that doesn't cost this family a cent to maintain

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Living in a house involves so much more than simply eating and sleeping. The type of ambience presented by your home’s spaces, both interior and exterior, is just as important. And if that ambience happens to be one of elegance, then you can definitely count yourself lucky.

Speaking of elegance, the structure we are viewing today on homify 360° definitely knows the secret to a stylish and relaxing lifestyle. Not only does it present open spaces and high ceilings, but its choice of furniture and colours (and décor and materials and layouts… ) are all bent on raising our relaxation levels by treating us to some aesthetic beauty.

We can’t wait for you to discover this house with us!

A true backyard beauty

Doesn’t this look like the perfect spot to relax on a weekend – or any day of the week, for that matter? 

In addition to a spacious lawn that looks to be expertly maintained, the house also treats its owners to a luxurious terrace where they can lounge, socialise, dine, entertain, suntan – do it all, it would seem! 

Notice how open the space is, allowing so much sunshine and exterior views to seep indoors. 

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A peaceful colour scheme

Never underestimate the importance of colour – if it wasn’t worth taking note of, there would be no such thing as colour psychology, which teaches us that the combination of hues in our surroundings influence our moods and perceptions that are not obvious, like the taste of food. 

Just notice how effective this living room’s colour spectrum is at making us feel calm. The light greys and creams make the entire room feel open and inviting – which, in turn, raises our relaxation levels. 

And for aesthetic purposes, some friendly yellow has been added in which, according to colour psychology, conveys optimism and creativity, and can promote communication and concentration.

Dining with lots of light

Now this is how you do breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with a view: raising the window treatment to allow an abundance of natural light (and garden views) to stream inside while you’re munching on your meal of choice – that is sure to put anybody in a great mood! 

What are your thoughts on that exceptional ceiling light?

Open-air entertainment

Fancy some fresh air and stretched-out landscape views? Then we recommend this gorgeous setting. Whether it’s reading a novel, playing board games with family, dining with friends, or chasing the kids around the yard, this rear side of the house seems to be the perfect spot to do all of that. 

Natural materials and patterned fabrics add some eye-catching detail to the décor- and furniture department without being too in-your-face about it. And, of course, there is no overlooking that stunning swimming pool…

The fabulous focal piece

… which is ideal for either practicing laps or just floating calmly in a stylish blow-up lounger. This back yard is so magnificent that even the top-floor rooms can’t help themselves, opening up stylishly via wooden shutters to take in as much of the terrace (and garden) view as possible! 

How is this for elegant living? 

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