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Great tips to make your garden more fun!

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The garden is a space of retreat and recreation. It has the potential to provide a natural haven in an overly-urbanised modern world. It is a piece of nature contained for relaxation that is not always freely available in industrialised times. This is why the garden is a very special place for any home. 

When trying to get away from the concrete jungle and escape to a natural oasis in the back yard it can be disheartening to come back to a bland and uninteresting piece of land that is not at all the retreat you had in mind. Fortunately, there are many ways in which to enhance any garden, whether it be a large suburban yard or a small apartment courtyard. Let's look at a few top tips!

New plants and flowers

The first option to make a garden more interesting has naturally to do with the vegetation. Seeing as plants are the main component of a garden or rather its distinguishing characteristic, it is the best area in which to effect more interesting change. 

Fortunately for anyone wanting to transform their garden, there are a multitude of interesting species to add to draw the attention of one and all. Although foreign and exotic species may be very alluring, sustainability must always be kept in mind, to which alien species are not always conducive. South Africa is, however, rich in interesting indigenous flora, so there is no need to threat. Succulents and Fynbos plants are examples of indigenous species that are extraordinarily interesting, easy to integrate in most climates, and immensely diverse in its beauty. 

More than just a pond

A pond is sure to make any garden more interesting. But these days, there is no need to go for a purely decorative option. Eco-pools is a new trend that has taken off around the world and become popular amongst sustainability activists and designers alike. 

Eco-pools are very energy efficient, sustainable and much healthier. What may look like your normal garden pond can actually have more than one function. The technology behind eco-pools are simple but wonderfully effective: it includes a combination of plants, good bacteria and a natural water filter to keep the water naturally clean without using chemical. In addition, installing an eco-pool creates and sustains numerous ecosystems with little effort. This will definitely distinguish a garden from all the rest!


So maybe we already have the pond or even an eco-pool, but we are looking for just a little more visual interest to liven things up. A waterfall is a great solution to this dilemma. 

Water features in general offer diverse ways in which to add a fascinating element to a garden. Waterfalls have the additional benefit of creating a visual flow through the garden as which is suited to the particular area. Waterfalls have also long since been associated with a relaxing and meditative atmosphere. The gentle and constant splashing of the water stream is sure to evoke tranquillity and make the garden the choice spot for getting away from the demands of everyday life. 

Artwork in the garden

The first thing that comes to mind when wanting to make any space (indoor or outdoor) more interesting, is certainly to add pieces of art. This can be a little tricky with gardens, as many traditional artworks are not weather resistant. 

Sculpture, however, is the fine art incarnation that can withstand all of the forces of nature if mould in the right material. The options are endless, and a specific sculpture can be chosen according to particular individual tastes. When trying to make the garden more interesting, a sculpture is a good opportunity to incorporate foreign and cross-cultural elements. The Mexican-inspired sculpture seen her will definitely get guests to your garden talking. 

Bring in wooden elements

A curved deck links the seating area to the house Lush Garden Design Asian style garden
Lush Garden Design

A curved deck links the seating area to the house

Lush Garden Design

Wood is an element which cannot be dissociated from nature. There is thus no better way to add a visually interesting aspect to the garden that is also tastefully suited to the environment. This is also a more sustainable and ecologically conscious option as opposed to synthetic materials. 

A wooden walkway is a classically good manner to bring in wooden elements and to divide space in the garden. This can be well-planned in a garden blueprint to get the best out of the garden area. When used in conjunction with flower beds, laws and other features such as pebble beds and gazebos, a wooden walkway can make effective use of troublesome space, as well as connect different parts of the garden in an aesthetically pleasing manner. 

Add a swing

A garden swing is and has always been an exciting item to incorporate in the garden of any home. Fun for all ages, a swing has the dual purpose of bringing visual interest as well as being playfully practical. 

The positioning of a garden swing can be very important. Depending on the other elements in the garden, a swing may be a focal point and will need to be prominently placed. In any case, the swing shouldn't be hidden behind vegetation or other structures, as one of its main purposes is to bring visual interest to the garden. We also don't want to place a swing where it may become impractical, such as suspended from a tree branch not capable to hold its weight and that of the swinger, or where mobility is restricted when someone actually wants swing on it. 

Grill area

It seems that we have explored many solutions to make a garden more interesting that are also completely functional. Well, the list isn't quite finished just yet. 

A grill area is a wonderful way to make a garden the social hub of a house and make it an exciting space to be in. There is much that can be done when installing a grill area. There are a vast range of grills to choose from, including interesting and novel sculptured areas, such as seen in this picture. Such a feature grill will not only create a valuable entertainment area, but will also add aesthetic value to the entire garden area. 

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