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Living in a simple, straightforward structure? There is no reason why your house needs to be labelled as “boring”, as this creation we’re about to view here on homify 360° will prove. 

Located in the bustling city of San Francisco del Rincon in Mexico, where a stately building can be viewed on just about every corner, the Casa FLH (named so by its creators, Lab D Architecture) stands out due to its trendy modern designs and smart appeal. 

And what about the interiors? Well, they flaunt the lavish and fashionable use of wood, along with soft creamy colours that present a very relaxing and elegant look. Everything is designed in a practical, functional and very stylish manner, and the structure enjoys its own quirks too. 

Let’s take a closer look…

The front façade

The very top layer of the house creeps up from the rear with an angle that allows it to face slightly upward. This layer has an inverted L-shape section of glass windows in a sleek frame. 

The rest of the structure connects with this layer via a stone-tiled panel that shelters the porch and open-face garage with slim grilles in front. 

And despite the fact that the house presents a rather small appearance, the combination of stone, metal, glass and concrete allows it to flaunt an understated glamour.

Lightweight elements

It can’t be denied that the house shows off a balanced structure. That’s thanks to the designers, who have applied lightweight touches to the otherwise solid design. 

And on a more delicate level, the metal grilles and crystal-clear glass focus more on a lighter beauty of this solid structure.

Structural quirks

The glass niche that’s located in the top floor makes for quite an interesting feature when viewed from outside. Here we get a clear view of the sandy and grey tones of the stone tiles, coating the façade in a warm, earthy colour palette. 

We just love the way the top floor protrudes out, ensuring quite a looming and larger-than-life look which may or may not appear as if it’s about to topple over. That just shows off the clear vision of the designers and architects involved with this project.

The gorgeous kitchen

A distinct panoramic look is achieved in the kitchen by having it flaunt strong and elongated lines. And we just love that kitchen island that treats us to a warm timber body and a creamy countertop, with its selection of trendy bar stools that turn it into a comfy and cosy dining space.

A very trendy layout for the bathroom

The bathroom really is a very trendy en-suite space that cleverly integrates with its bedroom. The low-slung cabinet beneath the sink offers sufficient storage space, while the tall mirror mounted on wooden planks ensure a high look. 

And we simply must mention the two delicate wall sconces hung on either side of the mirror, achieving a classy look that contrasts superbly with the overall modern style of the space. 

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