14 pictures of dream homes with their plans

Leigh Leigh
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South Africa is such a diverse country, which is why there are so many different ideas of what a dream house is. The result is a country filled with vibrant neighbourhoods with all sorts of styles and tastes manifesting themselves in beautiful homes. 

It's also really important when we design our dream homes that we understand what our design professionals have in mind. This is where architectural plans can play a big role. They help us understand where everything will be positioned in the home, from the living room to the kitchen to the bedrooms and the bathroom. Even the garage, garden and terrace will be carefully and strategically planned out!

Whether you prefer a modern house, a rustic design or a minimalist look and feel, here at homify we have houses to inspire and delight. This is why today we have put together 14 pictures of dream homes with their plans. You'll see just how many options exist and how much detail and strategy goes into their production.

Let's take a look!

1. The contemporary white home with a touch of rustic tiles

1. The interior is embedded with a garden courtyard, which breathes new life into the design

2. A simple home stresses functionality, minimalism and natural light

2. The designers have planned for plenty of natural light and fresh air right from the get go

3. An unusual shaped home brings an eclectic touch to the landscape

3. The plan shoes how the home moulds flawlessly into the surrounding landscape

4. This rustic stone cottage features a large wooden courtyard in the middle of the design

4. The designers ensured that all of the rooms in the house connect to the central courtyard

5. A dream house with a multi-functional backyard for the whole family

5. The home was designed so that it spills out onto a spacious terrace

6. The triple storey masterpiece was built on a hill, forcing the designers to play with vertical planes

6. The designers had to work around the uneven land

7. The traditional and charming little home

7. You don't have to have a large home to have a multi-functional space for the whole family!

8. The sophisticated white home complete with a terrace and swimming pool

8. The plans show how the designers worked with the view, ensuring the house capitalised on it

9. These designers used floor plans to transform a old and outdated home into a modern beauty

10. A sophisticated interior doesn't just materialise…

10. It takes a lot of strategy and design!

11. In a small apartment, a lot of innovation, creativity and planning makes the most of every square cm

11. This is why floor plans are so important

12. The modern family home that works in harmony with the spacious garden

12. With so much space to work with, the designers had to ensure they created every room perfectly

13. Don't you love this beautiful villa and European-style garden and pool area?

13. The designers spent a lot of time planning every last detail

14. Sometimes you need to really see it to believe it

14. Which is where 3D floor plans come in!

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Do you understand architectural plans when you read them?

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