Home improvement: 13 ideas for a perfect patio

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Depending on the space you've got to work with, the patio realistic for you will be different. However, here you can see some beautiful examples to base your plan off. 

The patio is a beautiful space of any property, which can entirely transform your home and your entertainment opportunities. Furthermore, a patio can also be a serene spot to retreat to. These features, however, can often cost a pretty penny, especially if you want to create a unique space.  Nifty little tips and tricks that will help you transform a space (without spending the earth) are never unwelcome. So, today we're going to let you in on some great ways to upgrade your patio.

Even the tiniest of garden spaces can be dramatically improved, all without you needing to remortgage the house. Join us now and get acquainted with landscape architect expertise and patio tips that will have friends and family begging to know the secret to your success!

1. Pack a style punch

Install classic, timeless furniture that is easy to maintain. 

2. Bold and unexpected

Use different materials to mark out different functional areas. 

3. Add a wooden trellis

This item lends itself to plenty of green opportunities.

4. Embrace recycled materials

 Garden  by Arquitectos M253
Arquitectos M253

Terraza perspectiva 3

Arquitectos M253

This will give you an organic look that nobody else will have.

5. Consider a pergola

classic Garden by Garden Affairs Ltd
Garden Affairs Ltd

Gazebo with intergrated garden store

Garden Affairs Ltd

They look amazing and offer decent weather cover.

6. If you already have a pergola…

Add some romantic drapes and lights to create an outdoor social space.

7. Don't skimp on flowers

Fill your space with full-to-bursting pots!

8. Liven up furniture

A coat of super bright paint will do the trick.

9. Build a pathway

Even a tiny space will benefit from a bit of landscaping.

10. Vertical garden

These look utterly amazing and won't take much effort to create. You can even use old pallets!

11. A modern look

Contrast materials, such as stone and wood.

12. Create a micro-garden in the corner

Bear in mind, you might need shade-loving blooms.

13. Interesting benches

modern Garden by Yorkshire Gardens
Yorkshire Gardens

Small Garden with a Very Steep Slope

Yorkshire Gardens

Simple benches always look great on a patio, but an innovative touch will always be a benefit. 

14. Play with levels

modern Garden by Yorkshire Gardens
Yorkshire Gardens

Small Garden with a Very Steep Slope

Yorkshire Gardens

To create numerous little terraces, incorporate different levels to your patio.

Now, to show you what is possible for each outdoor space, take a look at this: Terrace that is transformed from boring to a beautiful space.

Are you keen to use any of these tips for your patio?
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