How to arrange an entrance hall: 12 inspirational ideas

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An entrance hall should never be overlooked in design or decor. Not only is it a space that is often the first to been by guests but it's also an area that connects the rooms of a house. It should be a showcase of the entire interior design! People see it as soon as they open the door.

In fact your entrance hall is what guests, family and friends will expect from the rest of the home so you really want it to be stylish, comfortable and impressive. 

So the question is, how do we decorate an entrance hall? There is no real answer! It all depends on the many factors, including the size of the entrance hall, the shape, the owners tastes and styles and the interior design of the rest of the home.

What is important to note, however, is that the entrance hall is not just a storage space for shoes or hangers or coats. It should feature beautiful walls, a stylish floor, interesting lighting and all kinds of decorative elements.

There are all sorts of possibilities, which provide endless possibilities. This is why today at homify, we have put together 12 inspirational designs that will show you just how many options there are for your entrance!

1. Works of art

If you love art and you like to surround yourself with beautiful things, there is nothing wrong with utilising them in the entrance hall.

This arrangement makes it very clear to anyone who enters the apartment that the owners appreciate culture, beauty and art as well as unusual accessories and decor items.

A multitude of decor, like we see in this room, does not overwhelm the space as each item has been very precisely placed. It does not get in the way of the functionality of the hallway either. 

Don't you love the very modern and edgy coat hanger?

2. The brick interior

Designed by professionals NANOVA, this entrance hall is incredibly stylish with a brick wall that brings a very earthy and natural look and feel to the space.

This is a simple (and economical) way to supercharge an interior hallway, adding to its character and charm. 

This entrance also features a combination of different styles. Don't you love the very trendy bare bulbs that hang down from the ceiling, bringing a very industrial chic look and feel to the design? The yellow sofas add a retro touch to the space, while a white cabinet is handy for storing shoes neatly of sight as you step through the door.

A wooden shelf is also a great addition to this space, providing a platform for storing keys, sunglasses and coins.

3. A mirror wall

If you don't have any idea how to decorate the wall in your entrance hall, opt for a large mirror. It can be a smooth design or a more sophisticated one, like we see in this image.

The more elaborate the mirror, the quirkier it will look!

This diamond-shaped mirror creates the feeling of space, while bringing an unusual optical design to the space. It works in harmony with the quilted turquoise ottoman and the stark white walls.

The floors are covered in black and white tiles, which bring a very dynamic touch to this space.

4. Aesthetics of minimalism

If you want to have a successful entrance hall, it is important that you choose your furniture and decor very carefully. At the moment, the most popular furnishing in the hall is a minimalist style. 

In this image, we can see how the beautiful cabinets allow all unnecessary items that aren't functional to be stored neatly out of sight. A coat hanger is the only element that decorates this space. 

Instead, the designers have used the flooring as well as different materials and colours to bring personality and charm to this space.

5. Elegant colours

The arrangement of an entrance hall can be toned down to a very simple and subtle design. This entrance hall is decorated with white tones and very tasteful shades of grey, where practicality is key.

Right at the front door is a large, hidden closet that allows guests to hang up coats or jackets. There is also a comfortable bench, where they can put on or take off their shoes. 

The rug adds a bit of warmth and cosiness to the space while the flower arrangement adds a subtle yet beautiful touch—a great tip!

6. Unusual colours

In this design, we come across and entrance hall that features a bright blue front door. This bold colour truly captures the eye!

The use of a different and energetic colour is a good way to diversify the interior and pack a punch right from the get go. It The truly enhances the rest of the interior design.

The rest of this entrance hall is neutral and subtle with a little bench and decorative tiles. This is a very practical entrance that shows how less can sometimes be so much more. 

The entrance hall is also clearly defined compared to the rest of the home thanks to the different use of flooring. Wouldn't you be curious to see what the living room or dining room looks like in this house?

7. A bit of madness permitted

Nobody said that the hallway has to be boring! If you want, you can experiment with colours and furnishings.

In this design, we can see how the chest of drawers brings a truly eclectic style to the entrance that is sure to delight anyone who crosses the threshold!

The combination of the traditional with the bright and modern never fails.

The multi-coloured vertical stripes enhance the wooden dresser brilliantly, while the drawers keep any clutter neatly out of sight.

The large, circular mirror allows you one last look at your outfit before you leave the house.

If you don't have a huge budget, repaint your existing furniture like the designers have done here, refreshing it with some colour and quirk!

8. A truly royal entrance

This entrance hall is very sophisticated and effective. It features a very royal design, with warm colours that work in harmony with the patterned white tiles.

The focal point is the elegant, quilted bench in deep red as well as the beautiful, ornate mirror. It truly looks like we have stepped into a castle chamber!

The look and feel is further enhanced by the lamps that are installed on the side of the mirror, which look like medieval lanterns.

9. Wooden interior

A hallway can become extremely cosy if the interiors are designed with wood. In this image, we can truly admire the rustic entrance hall that is characterised by an idyllic design with a touch of modernity.

The wooden doors, frames and mouldings work very well with the white walls, while the large vase of flowers completes this very natural and earthy design.

10. The designer entrance hall

If you think that the entrance hall should only be elegant and modest, you are wrong. 

In this design, we can see you really can be as creative as you want with this space! The designers have employed an unconventional hanger by hanging a snowboard on the wall. There is also a little room where the residents' sports equipment is stored.

This is an interior that shows the owners' passions and interests. The hallway features a loose style, inviting guests into a very homely and warm ambiance the moment that they step through the door.

11. Introducing life

This hallway features a gorgeous, green-painted wall with a tree painted on it. It represents the family members!

This design allows everyone who walks through the front door an opportunity to admire the photographs and understand the family a little bit more. 

The rest of the home is designed with a Scandinavian style, creating a warm and cosy cocoon of a home. The touch of green allows the interior to feel like it is connected to nature too!

12. The open plan design

If your entrance hall is not a closed room, extending into the living room or dining room, you may want to create a uniform style that allows the interior design to flow throughout the home. With an open entrance hall, guests have the opportunity of admiring the interior space while taking off their jackets or coats. 

You also don't need to clutter or crowd an open plan entrance hall. Just install a small, little table where you can leave the keys or a comfortable bench with a backrest.

This is another example of minimalist style that is very effective.

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