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Pool and spa area for an Hotel A2arquitectos Spa
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Every home needs a comfortable space just for relaxation, reflection and contemplation. A quiet and serene space that takes care of the needs of the mind, body and soul, allowing for unwinding, getting in touch with the inner self and basic escape from the busy working world and noisy outside. 

Taking in the hot steam and enjoying the rush of the hot water has never been this elegant, opulent and wonderfully designed in every possible way. The inspiration for an exceptional designer spa room can be nothing short of calming and entrancing. 

Anything from whirlpool baths, sauna and steam rooms or a combination of both, splendid showers and even magnificent meditation room combining all aspects of relaxation and divine comfort, the possibilities are really endless! With a variety of inspirations in all colours to choose from, getting the best relaxation for your home has never been this personalised.

Wondrous whirlpool

Pool and spa area for an Hotel A2arquitectos Spa

Pool and spa area for an Hotel


Picture relaxing in this wonderfully serene space while watching the nature outside the picture perfect window, enjoying the sunlight gently warming the room. This wondrous whirlpool bath will make coming home and unwinding a part of the day. 

Housed in a wooden room with enough natural light to make this space clean and clear of germs, this warm water dream will be the best form of supporting the body, mind and soul that you can give yourself. With room for more than one, this home spa will be a treat for intimate parties too. 

And with views like this outside this window, having a dip in the water will be luxurious, warm, welcoming and altogether tranquil. The decor of this home spa is what you can expect at a high end five star boutique hotel with form matching function in every way. The light fixtures added above the bath allow for enjoying this warm bath regardless of the time of day.

Simmering sauna

Bespoke Sauna & Steam Room for Pool Area Oceanic Saunas Pool
Oceanic Saunas

Bespoke Sauna & Steam Room for Pool Area

Oceanic Saunas

Have you ever thought about adding a simmering sauna to your home spa? This wood clad box makes for a great way to relax and let off some steam without lifting a finger. Adding a sauna to your pool area will allow for a heated session of doing simply nothing, while reaping the health benefits of the perspiration inducer. 

A sauna can produce two types of heat sessions: either wet or dry. Steam and heat will therefore make bathers perspire, which can make relaxation even more comforting. Sauna's are generally divided into two types wither conventional or infra-red. These types use different methods of producing the desired effect. 

Saunas are typically built from wood throughout and even have a wooden seating area inside for maximum relaxation and time out, this makes building a sauna at home an exciting exercise.

For the best results, leave it to the professional team at Oceanic Saunas!

Simply steam

Turkish Steam Room Oceanic Saunas Spa
Oceanic Saunas

Turkish Steam Room

Oceanic Saunas

A steam room is an enclosed space that can take steam at high temperature, creating a high humidity environment, similar to a sauna. While the steam room can manage temperatures up to 41 degrees Celsius, a sauna can experience heat of a much higher temperature, due to the lack of humidity. 

Both steam rooms and saunas have amazing relaxation benefits and are commonly seen in gyms or actual day spas, enjoying a steam in the comfort of your own home however can be more relaxing. It means being able to enjoy the space at any time of the day or night. So coming home from work into the comfort of a steam room might just be ideal.

This Turkish spa inspired steam room is decorated with mirror finish mosaic tiles and has a comfortable seating area for a group steam, making this spa a social space too. It looks so calming and tranquil, yet almost futuristic too.

Luxury shower

Feature Showers and Steam Showers Nordic Saunas and Steam Modern bathroom
Nordic Saunas and Steam

Feature Showers and Steam Showers

Nordic Saunas and Steam

Some people prefer to include a shower in their daily clean up routine but a shower doesn't have to be that drab boring type of yesteryear… a shower can now be a fulfilling and luxurious daily action that can do more than just clean and create soapy suds.

A shower can now act as a daily massage, who wouldn't want to experience the multiple jet setting of a warm shower in the evening after a long day at work. Even with overhead shower function, it means just standing in the glass encased room means gaining the full experience of warm water rushing over you. 

This modern shower with a seating area situated inside too, means taking that morning splash will be fresh, awakening and will become that early morning wake-up call that everyone needs. This shower will provide ample steam, and if decorated and designed correctly will make the perfect, timeless addition to the home. 

More more great shower inspiration check out: 10 Walk-in Shower Ideas.

Meditation room

A meditation room can be different to so many people, it can mean a private space within the home simply to reflect on the day, to some it can mean the garden and to others it can even mean an additional prayer room where quiet contemplation is done. 

But, a meditation room doesn't have to be dreary and unimaginative, in fact the use of colour therapy is thought to evoke different feelings and emotions. So adding a tasteful palette to a room that has a spiritual appeal will better the chances of an ideal meditative and therapeutic setting. 

This meditation room in the example encompasses all the aspects of spirituality, with a whirlpool bath, steam room, massage table and soft relaxation space, this meditation room is perfect and comforting in every possible way. A place to think and enjoy silence can now also be designed and decorated to match the character of the home. 

Mood lighting

The mood lighting of a home spa should reflect the quiet contemplation and tranquility often sought in a space for meditation and relaxation. Soft illumination, with space for candles are a must, especially in a room designed specifically for the purpose of serenity. 

This calming lighting tone as seen in the example is understated, indirect and can make the mood room instantly different, it is intimate, relax and inviting while maintaining the edge of modernity, high quality and class and an exceptional standard of style. 

The all-white decor allows this room to look balanced, comfortable and neutral in tone, which will make upgrading and adapting easy. The simple purple hue of the light itself provides a calming effect on the room in its entirety. An addition such as this to any home will make it that much more attractive. Simple changes such as lighting colour and fixtures can make a huge difference to the inclusion of a home spa!

Would you consider installing any kind of spa in your home? Let us know in the comments, below.

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